NOTE!!! This product is not in mint condition. Non-mint products have typically been dinged or bent or picked up some other form of imperfection during the. Originally published as 11 linked adventures in the award-winning Dungeon magazine, the Shackled City Adventure Path is the most ambitious. Shackled City was the first Adventure Path released by Paizo. It began back when they were producing Dragon and Dungeon Magazines.

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An ally of the heroes is kidnapped and taken to a safe house of the Last Laugh, Cauldron’s thieves guild. Various elements of the game were revised for the collection; the setting was enlarged to better suit the needs of a typical high-level game. Pages Images and files. Shackled City Adventure Path?

The adventures are designed to begin with first level characters and to end with characters at or near twentieth level, taking them through twelve distinct adventures that span basic dungeon crawlsurban adventures, political intrigue, and even extra-planar excursions.

The player characters are asked to rescue Zenith Splintershield, a rhe who has been missing since heading into the Underdark to fight evil.

Pyramid: Pyramid Review: The Shackled City Adventure Path (for Dungeons & Dragons)

Due to its popularity, you can also find a ton of fan-created additional material, side-quests and general improvements. In addition, their beholder overlord is practicing unholy rituals in the complex below.


Join Date Aug Posts 2, The goblins are led by a vampiric bugbear, the eponymous Drakthar. The trail leads to a slaver operating from Underdark passages below the city. Views Read Edit View history.

Pyramid Review

Dungeon Adventures serial modules. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Insert image from URL.

This generic nature applies equally to the setting; apart from references. In addition, their beholder overlord is practicing unholy rituals in the complex below. The Shackled City Adventure Path. Rarely do they come longer, although The Shackled City Adventure Path is a rare exception, consisting of 12 parts.

Compared to the rest, the latter portion of the adventrue seems disjointed and tacked on to the rest of the AP.

theRPGenius Adventure Path Repository / Shackled City main page

Tuesday, 20th February, The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Taken as a whole, the Shackled City provides a great foundation for some very compelling adventures and duungeons. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Front cover of the collected edition, illustrated by Matt Cavotta. Shackled City is almost two separate campaigns.

You can also look at this thread where DMs share tales of Glory to get an idea of the type of fun to be had. Asylum By Christopher Perkins, Dungeon It is rated 2. In this chapter, the heroes must find a missing paladin to stop an incursion by Cauldron to nearby Redgorge. Zenith has gone insane and is treated as prophet by the kuo-toa frog-people who captured him. Dungeon Adventure Paths Greyhawk modules.


Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Having befriended some NPCs early on, I felt these got lost later in the adventure path. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: An ally of the heroes is kidnapped and taken to a safe house of the Last Laugh, Cauldron’s thieves guild.

Wednesday, 1st October, The player characters investigate recent kidnappings. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms dungeoons Greyhawk deities. Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access. The campaign is very dungeon-heavy and very combat-heavy, but is very well done and worth checking out even just to mine for material. To edit this page, request access to the workspace. When the twisted mind of Adimarchus, imprisoned Demon Prince of Madness, leaks into Occipitus and begins resurrecting his followers, the heroes realize they must go to the otherworldly asylum of Skullrot where Adimarchus is imprisoned and destroy him utterly.

It takes the PCs from 1st to 20th level.