Dutchman. Amiri Baraka. CHARACTERS. CLAY, twenty‐year‐old Negro. LULA, thirty‐year‐old white woman. RIDERS OF COACH, white and black. The Dutchman and The Slave Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme by Imamu Amiri Baraka, LeRoi Jones. Complete summary of Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Dutchman.

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What exactly happened and what was he point? Baraka continued his studies of comparative literature at Columbia University. In Dutchman, Baraka presents to the theater audience a piece that is simple in structure—it features two characters and two scenes in a subway car—yet saturated with complexity and haun In Dutchman and The Slave, both plays published inAmiri Baraka he was still LeRoi Jones at the time presents two plays that explore a search for Black identity and consciousness and a question of sanity.

What I remember best was the extraordinary performance given by Patricia Powers, dktchman the forty-five second blackout I had to time in synch with Patricia’s arm coming down in a signal for the other “white” passengers to begin their murderous torture of the one black man on board.

Incredibly powerful in performance. And yet, here it was, on stage no less, with all barakw its symbolic and actual power. The idea was in the air still is that black people would be happy just to be able to participate. Lula’s characteristics symbolize the Biblical Eve and the apples she’s obsessed with symbolize Eve’s Forbidden Fruit. White lady, Lula, is very prejudiced and thinks he knows who he is.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Seeing as how race has been and is a central conflict of American society from day one to now bagaka seeing how this play deals with that conflict in as brutal and unflinching terms as has ever been seen or read, I think it makes a strong claim to be one of the Great American Plays.

Amiri Baraka’s “Dutchman” and the Book of Proverbs”.

You were my wife This is dutcbman evident in contemporary society with how cases are handled when whites massacre people of color but don’t get labeled terrorist or seen badly but people of color do.


Dutchman is a little too difficult for my 10th graders to navigate and hard to dramatize but I am definitely advocating for The Slave to be on our reading list for the fall.

The action focuses almost exclusively on Lula, a white woman, and Clay, a black man, who both ride the subway in New York City. Although Clay says all this, he deeply rejects this plan of action. Boldly radical and fiercely truthful! It takes place during a race war and bombs rage throughout the play. In Baraka became a full professor at Rutgers University, but was subsequently denied tenure.

Dutchman & The Slave by Amiri Baraka

Clay is gladdened by Lula’s apparent liking for him and maintains a hopeful attitude to having sex together. At this point, it is unclear whether Clay is really going to a party, but he tells her he really is. I’ll tell you why. He is learned to dutfhman degree and uses vulgar and profane language, which Jones employed in many of his works, to express his opinions. To me, they represent talent going to waste. Paperback96 pages. Baraka also served three years in the U. The same year, he moved to Greenwich Village working initially in a barkaa for music records.

These are shocking, angry plays, but especially for the time, gestures such as these were probably the only things that could wake up some people. I did the lighting for the piece during its Philadelphia premiere at Society Hill Playhouse.

Dutchman & The Slave

Bosley Crowther in his review for The New York Times complained of padding, “at least five to 10 minutes” are “shots of empty New York subway stations”. When she did kill Clay, no doubt she knew what he said to her was true, yet she was not going to admit it or let someone of another race leave having criticized her fiercely and openly as Clay did.

It’s not as shocking in and it’s no as progressive and envelope pushing, but it’s central themes remain important. I appreciate thi Baraka formerly le roi jones sharply addresses black-white relations in this country through a semi-surreal bwraka between a sultry white woman and pseudo-intellectual, black poet on a hot new bataka subway ride.

She obviously knew nothing about Clay’s life or how African American people live and was extremely ignorant dutchma acting the way she did toward him at the party and making such gross racial slurs. Clay, who does not respond initially, eventually grabs her and throws her down.


Vessels radical views especially on how African Americans should rise up and rebel against white society really speaks to Jones views that society cripples people and in vessels case very negatively and he is extremely outspoken about it and he does not seem to really care what the costs are.

However, Dutchman is an important play that I feel still garaka up today baeaka an important piece of american racial discourse being explored through an artistic medium. Perhaps it is different when seen performed. Baraka formerly le roi jones sharply addresses black-white relations in this country through a semi-surreal encounter between a sultry white woman and pseudo-intellectual, black poet on a hot new york subway ride.

He says he would rather choose to pretend to be ignorant of racism, not try to get rid of it by fighting with whites. Very much like your own. The world has changed much. Readers must understand the role Amiri Baraka played in the Black Arts Movement in order to truly understand the racial stereotypes, religious discontent, social struggle and equality that African-Americans had to or have to endure.

In he denounced his former anti-semitic utterances, declaring himself an anti-zionist. Lula is glad that Clay duthman so easy to manipulate and puts her hand on his leg.

It also showed how much of a marginalized insecure person Lula is. Dec 18, Daniel rated it liked it Shelves: Just to bbaraka clear where I’m coming from – some of Bakara’s poems are among my favorite twentieth century poems.

I read that novel prior to Jones plays barakx could see why she referred to Vessels as ‘A second-rate Bigger Thomas” Jones His father, Coyt Leverette Jones, worked as a postal supervisor and lift operator. Walker is the leader of a violent radical black liberation movement whose ultimate goal seems to be to kill all barak people. You just don’t know what’s going on and most of what the play is about bsraka what you can imagine and infer.