The new EAW SB is a large-format dualinch-loaded subwoofer that can be groundstacked or easily flown via an integral rigging system, making it ideal. SB – good condition. EAW – SB €1, SB – good condition. Read More. Out of stock Condition. Good. Brand. EAW. Warranty. 72 -hours. EAW’s new SB is a large-format, dualinch-loaded sub-woofer that can be groundstacked or flown via an integral rigging system.

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This drawing has been reduced. All specifications are therefore subject to change without notice.

EAW SB1002 User Manual

Digital Signal ProcessorFrequency Response: User-supplied Digital Signal Processor. Low Pass Filter for crossover. EAW products are continually improved.

RD SB November EA W SB s ubwoofe rs are premium produc ts design ed for the most.


EAW SB User Manual | 4 pages

A saw range of capabilities. T op quality drivers, engineered by EA W. All SB models are direct radiatin g, with optimal ly.

It offers the fatter-sounding output of dual inch cone. The drivers are designed specifically for the SB, offering.

The SB is designed to be used with eb1002 digital signal. A han dl e. Six Y ear Warranty. T rans duc er Loa din g. Ope rat ing Mo de.

EAW PLT1K2 Caster Pallet for The Sb1002 Subwoofer

Ope sbb1002 ing Ra nge 28 Hz to 16 0 Hz. Nom ina l Beam wid th. Axi al Sen sit ivi ty SP L.

Inp ut Imp eda nce o hms. Nom ina l Min imu m.

LF1LF2 8 each 7. Hig h Pass Filte r. Acc ele rat ed Lif e T e st. Des cri pti on Par t Numb er. ew

EAW SB Black Touring Array System — Musical Instruments and accessories

SB10 02 Dual sb10002 inch Subwo ofer Blac k Opt ion al Acc esso rie s. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what’s missing.


Tell us about it. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Your manual failed to upload