ECcomputer architecture and organization-lecture notes anna university ECcomputer architecture and organization-lecture notes. Taken in AY16/17 Sem 2 Lecturer: Dr Seo Juwon Tutor: Drishti Baid and worksheets and summary notes for us omg they really really helped!. Readings: Readings would just be the lecture notes that should be read before going to lecture. There won’t be much lecture notes to read as Seo Juwon.

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Try to write your numbers as legibly as possible to avoid mistakes. With ontes to the project work, try to start early. This is also the best time to clear misconceptions as there will be sufficient spare time to consult the TA before the next class begins.

As for the Midterm and Final Exam, noyes note that doing well for one does not mean doing well for the other. However, there are some interactive ones, which are more fun.

Thus, it is highly recommended you turn up for tutorials. Many students faced technical issues and needless to say there was a lot of stress and panic involved.

Lastly, Midterm and Final should not be a problem as ldcture as you know your concepts and have done consistent practice. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Tutorial questions are ample and very useful, with the Department actually putting more questions close to the end of the Semester under heavy request. The exam may be tricky if you do not know what the question is asking for, and the last thing you will want is to panic over forgetting what formula to use.


Thank goodness for webcasts and tutorials though.

All the best for your finals and may the bell curve aid you! You do not want to do badly for this. Rest assured that tutorials are somewhat more engaging than the lectures. Some of the material taught in this module will have been covered in H2 Ex2303 in Junior College.

Lectures, unfortunately, are not webcast.

Year 2 Sem 1 AY2017/18 Modules Review

Jeremy Lim Sem taken: It covers the different frequency distributions PMF, PDF, CDFmeasures of their mean and variance, probability, random distributions, wc2303 distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing. Luckily, you have the whole semester to attain all the points, so plan your time well to avoid last minute rush. First half of textbook A2! Hope notse helps, cheers! To make things difficult, the lecturer teaches the new topics with a lot of mathematical symbols learnt from previous topics.

The means of assessment for this half of the module is hence all essay writing and drawing of graphs.


The more important things I feel that you should focus on is securing the easy full marks for your Homework assignments and fulfilling the other components of the module, such as your tutorial attendance and participation. The bulk of the workload is mainly the weekly readings maximum 3 articles and the time needed for the group report. This ntes followed by probability, leading to random variables and various random distributions.

Computer Architecture & Organization EC notes – Annauniversity lastest info

Third, lectures are not webcast so you have to studiously take notes during lectures. I actually really liked this system because it gives you an incentive to revise your material every week.

These are lecyure mods reviewed so far:. Good thing is, I die, we die, everyone nottes together, so everyone pass together. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Dr Yuan Ye TA: This includes interest rates on saving. Finals was pretty chill he repeated tutorial questions so please do your tutorial questions diligently!!