The Econosto Group is an international group of technical wholesale companies with operations in Europe, the Middle East and Far East. Econosto is focused. ALL ECONOSTO BRAND PIPES COME WITH THE ECONOSTO QUALITY ASSURANCE. * MATERIAL AND TEST CERTIFICATE ACCORDING TO EN Econosto Mideast BV is a Pipes & Pipe Fittings Company in the Pipes & Fittings located in , Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Building, Najda Street, Abu Dhabi.

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Beveiliging tegen elektrische stroom. With the support from Econosto’s engineering department and manufacturers, we are able to help you ecnoosto challenging and demanding applications with the most innovative, modern and cost effective solutions. Afsluiters, koppelingen en fittingen.


We regard Quality Management System as an ongoing process integrated into the overall corporate goal- setting process. In a straight pipe.

Budgetten en autorisaties Regel uw inkoopproces met budgetten en autorisatie Meer informatie. Kabels, klemmen en kettingen. Location Print this map You are viewing our fantastic new interactive map. Zaklantaarns en mobiele verlichting. The quality policy is communicated within Econosto Mideast B V and reviewed for continuing suitability. Werkplaatskranen, krikken en onderzetbokken. At the end of the steam line. Before the steam pipe runs upwards. GY Number of 1. The following rule of thumb applies for determining the diameter:.

Precisie folie en vulplaten.

Our Mission and Quality policy is achieved through defining Responsibility, Effective documentation, Defined methods of work, Training and Development, Motivation and Multi directional feed back, Recruitment and continual improvement. Qualified professionals dedicated to quality are paramount to the success of Econosto Mideast B V.


At the end of the steam line Figure 4: Hogedruk pijp- en slangklembeugels. Before control and reduction valves, preferably with a water separator. In a straight pipe Figure 2: Afdichtingen voor sanitaire koppelingen. Econosto group companies are able to provide products and technical assistance in many specialised fields.

Machine bedieningsonderdelen Norm elementen. The Econosto International Projects department is focused on providing a professional service during all stages of the project. This is because water in steam causes excessive wear in the valve and seats of control valves. Hierdoor is het mogelijk dat deze website niet volledig wordt getoond.

This company has not provided us with their co-ordinates but if you would like to see their exact location just click here to send an email to ask them to upgrade their advert. Products A-Brands Services Download. Reserve onderdelen en toebehoren.

Blog Ontvang deskundig advies voor het kiezen van de juiste producten voor uw toepassing Lees alle artikelen.

Hydrauliek en pneumatiek afdichtingen. Business Type or Company Name. To remove these display adverts and to benefit from your own power page. This site uses cookies to improve the functioning thereof.

Mechanical seals Mechanische dichtingen. After log in they are connected to your profile. Vloeistof opvangbakken- en systemen.

Econosto The correct way to drain steam pipes

This could cause water hammerexcessive wear and loss of pressure and capacity. Before the steam pipe runs upwards Figure 3: At least every 50 meters, including straight steam lines figure 1 Before the steam pipe runs upwards figure 2 At the end of the steam line figure 3 Before control and reduction valves, preferably with a water separator figure 4 Under steam manifolds Figure 1: Customer delight econpsto total quality and service has been our guiding force.


Automobiel onderhoud en toebehoren. Klik hier voor de omnummertabel. Gebruik of installeer een nieuwere versie voor een optimale ervaring. Bestellijsten Maak bestellijsten zodat u nog eenvoudiger kunt bestellen en opnieuw bestellen Meer informatie.

Bel of Email ons. Sight glass to check on the functioning of the steam trap.

The correct way to drain steam pipes

Not necessary under normal circumstances when using an inverted bucket steam trap, but recommended if you expect extensive pollution. This type of steam trap is very reliable and ensures good dewatering without congestion. Heeft u hulp nodig met uw account?

Condensate must therefore be discharged at specified positions – so-called draining points – in your steam system through steam traps. Is this your company?

Lijmen, kitten en borgen. Vul een geldig e-mail adres in Abonneren op de nieuwsbrief is mislukt.