Find great deals for Behringer Edison Ex-1 Stereo Image Processor With Phase Meter Ex1. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Behringer Edison EX1 Stereo image ent condition, used in a home with manual and power supply. Thank you for your inquiry on the Edison EX1 The Edison is an audio processing device designed to enhance, correct, or remix stereo program material of any.

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LO CUT sets the input frequency below which the source signal will not pass through the effect. However this control is especially useful on many modern recordings, especially rock and roll, sometimes jazz, where the recording seems to have too many instruments layered on each other causing the mix to be 1 dimensional sounding.

If the stage image of the instruments sounds to cluttered, this control can be adjusted to spread out the instruments and create more spatial definition.


Inspired by the famous Aphex Aural Exciter. SPEED sets the eedison speed. I use the model made in Germany in Inspired by the Sonic Maximizer i, this effect restores natural brilliance and clarity to any audio signal by adjusting the phase and amplitude integrity to reveal more of the natural texture of the sound. The BASE knob adjusts the frequency range of the modulated filters.


Effect Descriptions – behringerwiki

When Layer 1 is selected, the far left encoder push button allows you to select between virtual front and rear outputs. Edispn not mix everything in, use the Edison insert a pair of votes on your table, especially on percussive sounds or with very little bass, and you will understand what “depth of field” means. Separate knobs allow the low and high bands to be adjusted, and the effect can be optimized for male and female voices. This Pultec emulation is a classic analog passive equalizer that offers very warm and musical frequency sculpting.

The 4 MODE buttons can be engaged individually or simultaneously for light chorus or very thick, exaggerated modulation.

PAN A sets the position of the second delay stage in the stereo field.

All user reviews for the Behringer Edison EX1

Sometimes called a 3-Tap Delay, the Triple Delay provides three delay stages with independent frequency, gain, and pan controls. Retrieved from ” https: XOVER controls the crossover point for bass. GAIN A controls the gain level of the second delay stage. When layer 1 is selected, the first slider on the left sets the reverb time from 4 milliseconds to 4.

Pitch shifting is often used in two different ways. Inspired by the SPL Vitalizer. X AIR Manual 1. TIME shows the duration edisno the reverb effect.

Stereo Tremolo creates an up and down volume change at a constant and es1 tempo just like the guitar amps of yesteryear. As an overview it is multiband ambiance, definition or imaging enhancing device. This compensated EQ will produce an adjustment that is identical to the actual positioning of the sliders.


Here we have combined Delay and Chamber reverb, so a single device can provide a variety of delay settings, edixon add just the right type and amount of reverb to the selected signal. GAIN compensates for level changes caused by the effect.

The Dual Guitar Amp allows the left and right channels to be adjusted independently. One is to set the Mix knob lower and only use the Cent knob to make a small off set in pitch between the wet and dry tones. Everything you ought to know about Solo and monitor sources 5. The MIX control lets you blend the source signal and the delayed signal.

For more info go to the Behringer website – Vince. LO CUT sets the frequency at which the source signal can begin passing through the delay.

eison The Plate Reverb will give your tracks the sound heard on countless hit records since the late s. KNEE adjusts the soft limiting threshold point from hard limiting 0 dB to maximum soft limiting 10 dB.