Elektrotechnika – Stanisław Bolkowski by: Stanisław Bolkowski (author). Książka teoretyczna. T. 1, Teoria obwodów elektrycznych – Stanisław. Bolkowski. ska,,owicz „Przykłady i zadania z elektrotechniki teoretycznej” ski „Teoria obwodów” zbiór zadań I wiele wiele innych. Bolkowski, S., , Elektrotechnika teoretyczna – Teoria obwodów elektrycznych , Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne, Warszawa. Buchacz A., Wróbel A.,

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Learning outcomes in the knowledge and skill area are verified by: Final note is asset upon exam: Knowledge of mathematics on in the field of high school and Mathematics I: Knowledge of the physics fundamental information on in the field of high school and Physics I: Elements of electric circuits. Fundamentals of circuit topology. Omh’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws. Characteristic operating states of electric circuits. Methods of analysis of electric circuits. Superposition theorem, substitution theorem.


Elektronika i Elektrotechnika

Storage and dissipation of energy in linear elements the threat from a elektrotexhnika capacitor and opening the circuits containing the coil. Energy and power of direct current. Characteristics of nonlinear elements and circuits. Methods of analysis of the nonlinear circuit of direct current.

Security risks during operation, starting and stopping of motors Linear circuits of sinusoidal current in classical method. Storage and dissipation of energy in linear elements.

Power and energy of sinusoidal current circuits. Resonance and caused a state of emergency by the high voltages and high currents Mutual inductance and coupled circuits- induction a voltage in open secondary circuits.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (02 05 00)

The construction and operation of a transformer, voltage-current relations, phasor diagram, equivalent circuit. Three-Phase circuits, wye and delta connection and states of emergency.

The construction and operation of a three-phase induction motor, speed-torque characteristic, starting conditions of squirrel-cage and wound-rotor motors, single-phase induction motors. Security risks during operation, starting and stopping of motors Transient states in single-energy RL and RC and double-energy circuits RLCsupplied by direct and sinusoidal current in the classical method.


Hazards from appearing in the transient state voltage higher than the supply voltage. Semiconductors, p-n junction’s effect. Analogue circuits with transistors. Operational amplifier OA, active filters. Basic knowledge of digital circuit logical gates, complex digital circuits,logical combinational systems, sequential logical systems.

Bolkowski, Stanisław ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

Interference in analogue and digital circuits. Obwody liniowe i nieliniowe. IWNT Praca zbiorowa pod red. Praca zbiorowa Nowicz R.: