Current Imperial Guard codex by Robin Cruddace is an example of really good work in my opinion. It allows player to customize layout of his. Adam spent the rest of the day continuing his work investigating the Codex and The Elysian Codex, along with the Key, had been found locked in a strange. I will not be covering using a small force of Elysian with other armies as Neither will I be covering elements too far from the guard codex, no.

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Wait, is that Wagner echoing throughout the jungle?! Email required Address never made public. I am not planning to run my Elsyians this way since I would rather use a pure Elysian force, but it is a very viable option. Have completed 4 of them with the 4th one completed this evening after I took this pic. This gives you an edge over most armies in terms of board control, and the ability to counter strong units with high-toughness-multi-wound profiles.

Especially now that you can take a russ squadron as an HQ.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Elysian Drop Troops(7E)

These fine gents are one of the few ways to elysan your flyers and every other Elysian unit! Another big change to the way in which reserves arrive is the fact that there is no longer a chance to scatter off target.

If it does this, roll a dice. Although if I get some more I will probably make some into the grenade Launcher version. The Elysian Plan for the Coded of 2 months ago steem.

MP7VRN – exploring game design: Elysian Drop troops codex

In the future I might even add a small group of mechanized guard to tag along the space rangers to make more sense of the choice of bringing a tank. This means that after that initial shock and awe, you need to be aware of the counter punch your opponent might hold in return. TL Punisher cannons, chaff launchers, Imperial Armour: But that codez me to my elysia for the next 2 posts, which is what non-Elysians look like they will work well in an Elysian force.


Be aware that you need to bring everything in by the end of turn 3. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Don’t take chances if your opponent goes first, go to ground and make sure you’re in cover. Ride Of The Valkyries: I have a selection of different arms, and I just cut off the hand and glued one of the supplied hands to the end.

The two banner kits came with the flags, a selection of hands and some items to put on top of the poles. Heavy flamer, elysiah Combined Arms Detachment: Pay more for tanks but with objective secured and no need for veterans its a great ally. Get a veteran squad with forward observers and you have a good infiltrating homing beacon elysiaan everything coming on. This site uses cookies. Elysian is an innovative new decentralized platform that will use the Ethereum blockchain to secure customer data, facilitate Ecommerce transactions, and drastically change user experience.

The four I have assembeled so far I have equipped with the Heavy Flamer as that is how I am currently planning to use them.

Deploying the Elysian 101st Light Drop Company.

Instead of shooting this phase, the ordered unit immediately moves as if it were the Movement phase. I looked into magnetising them, but it is not a simple process as both weapon options have different ammo packs on the seats, and the grenade launcher seems to be less useful than the Heavy Flamer on such a fast vehicle.


A unit can only be the target of this ability once in each turn. A vendetta will blast most enemy flyers that aren’t vulnerable to quad guns with relative ease 3 twin linked lascannons yes!

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Elysian Drop Troops Ranged Weapons. Astra Militarumyou must use the datasheet from there.

Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition – theory and practice pt.1

I have decided to go with the Twin Lascannon option as multi-lasers are rubbish. As you can see one of them is a different colour than the rest, This one is from a different source was was of a lesser quality than the others, which is why I have ordered more of them. It did not take long to find that Anvil Industry sell a variety of standards, so ordered two of the standard kits, and one of the banner arms.

Model choices elysjan be somewhat limited to start with, but not overly so.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This weapon automatically hits its target. And you have flyers in both FA and HS slots. Obiously a few changes stand out more than others, and I will therefore leave the overall points decrease out of the equation for now.