Nur zu, mein Lieber! Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Dazu bräuchte man links etwas mehr Fleisch. Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Leica Lens Saga. Limited Edition of pc! By Erwin Puts. evolution – optical design – evaaluation – future. Berek´s Legacy: the 50 mm lens for Leica.

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The mirrorless species is in fierce competition with the mirror species and more and more smart-phone functions are incorporated into the camera body.

Leica has implemented only the option of the compressed files to reduce the size of the image file and enhance the speed of operation when selecting continuous shooting operation.

In case you are looking for a user guide for a Leica camera – new or old – you might want to check out the separate listings on Leica M manuals and Leica R manualsrespectively, in order to see whether the instruction booklet you are looking for is available as a pdf-download. This is seen in the M3, M4 and M6. On the other hand one might pus that a long burst of a picture series also heats the processor.

What exactly the deal is, remains for the moment a secret, but it is to be noted that Leica for now only is responsible for the distribution. It seems like it is an erwi over prior M’s.

Free Resources for Leica Fans

We know what an IGP is when we see it. In fact, it may be the best feeling Leica ever. It can be seen in this comparison that the fine textures gradually disappear and that the colour noise in the case of the M10 increases quite steep above ISO The SL is assumed to have a very fast AF, but one needs numerical information to be sure that this claim is substantiated.

But there is no information about the type and quality of the software. If we add the the production of cine-lenses to the portfolio, it is difficult to escape the notion that this is a collage of companies that may have the potential to share fundamental product components and development insights, a potential that for now is still quite limited.


Most important specifications are the high dynamic range, the extremely high sensitivity and the high sequence of images. It was based on trust and stability and even culture and tradition.

The processed images are as good as what one gets with other more feature-laden programs. A photo has been taken with a mm lens and egwin 8 times from negative size. The relation between the photographer and reality has dramatically changed in the last twenty years, partly under the influence of the powerful post-processing programs.

The same argumentation is valid for digital photography. The chemical photographic business has already completed this transformation. The M8 is very much like a fine sports car. Leica in the digital age has again become a niche product for leixa cognoscenti and a select group of professionals. The pictures that accompany the claim are indeed not good. The number of pictures in one burst depends on several settings and when using DNG files, the buffer is quickly filled up.

A small company like Leica has to rely on parts produced by other companies around the globe. The new Leica T System might be the answer to a rigorous analysis of the future of the M camera. The new shape design makes it relatively insensitive to the effects of skew rays hitting the pixels at the outer area of the sensor and equally good results are obtained when using tele-centric or normal lens constructions.

One might say that the origin of Leica photography is the honest and realistic fix of a visual memory. Now cameras are effectively computer devices for image capture in which lleica circuit boards and software are rapidly replacing moving parts.

Leica M10 | LEICA

The L has a comparable feature by the way. Register a new account. In the past, it was an engineer-driven company and the information about its products was reliable and leicx be checked.

The company is more famous for its lenses than for the bodies, but the tight integration of body and lens ensures best performance. The rangefinder has been improved, but only an attentive comparison between the several versions reveals the slight improvement. The M10 has lots of emotional appeal: Do not pay much attention to the resolution around the centre spot. Look at the current mirrorless system camera and you see the same construction: The M-lens scuderia has been enhanced with a new range of Summarit-M lenses, now with a maximum aperture erqin 1: Was Rolls-Royce untrustworthy in the time that the number of horsepower was given as: However, photographers that have the skill and the passion to properly handle this fine instrument will be rewarded with an exceptional shooting experience and extraordinary image quality.


The Leica M3 was and is a brilliant design. Generally however the putz of the Leica engineers regarding material choice, machining of parts and quality control was beyond reproach. No one said that photography was different when the glass plates were superseded by flexible roll film.

CollectiBlend: Library: Leica lens compendium by Erwin Puts

But if you know your material how to expose to set the grey card value on the straight portion of the characteristic curve and you can mentally evaluate the scene overall contrast, distribution of tones with a kind of Ansel Adams visualisation technique, you cannot go erwij.

The name is https: It is a bit too simple to assume that the pictures will be better when the M has all the features of the current competition. But photography as a simple act of recording phenomena has erwon seriously putx since it was adopted as an art form and became the focus of collectors, galleries and art auctions.

This is exactly what we expect from a true Leica. By jaapvAugust 19, in Customer Forum. Next step, I made a 24×30 inch print of the image. The lens shade is identical to the one used for the 35 and 50 mm lenses in the s and s, leicq the Elmar-M 50 mm. It was Barnack’s ideal to develop a camera that was so simple and compact that it could be used at any time to record daily events as a visual memory: This erwkn testing a boring proposition.

More than ten to fifteen pictures are not possible within a timespan of several seconds. We do not know, but two facts are undeniable. In the past a lens would loose all detail as the flare level would wash all micro- and overall contrast.