Esau [Philip Kerr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The accidental discovery of a mysterious fossil skull unleashes a political and scientific. An electrifying discovery in the high Himalayas sends a group of scientists— complete with the requisite bad apple— scurrying for traces of the. Esau by Philip Kerr – book cover, description, publication history.

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The team is a few hundred miles philipp any potential war zones, but the operative’s job is information and reconnaissance, and to search for an important object I can’t give it away that the U. Open Preview See a Problem? A Himalayan climbing accident leads Jack Furness to discover a humanoid skull in a mountain cave – the first uncontestable evidence for the existence of kerrr Yeti. Jul 19, Edward H. Adventure in the Himalayas, this one gives you the thrill of high peaks, high espionage, high international tension that may or may not result in nuclear war and, if that’s not enough, say hi!

The mystery gets resolved and the unexpected conclusion is neat, if you can forgive some convenient lucky breaks. But the stereotypical treatment of the female scientist what is it with genre writers and women with long red hair and “emerald green” eyes, oh, and sensual mouths.

Esau by Philip Kerr

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Account Options Sign in. If Esau had continued to live up to the promise of its first half, it would have been an excellent thriller, but the implausible politics make it unsatisfying.

Overall a very good premise in a well written novel While it was a good story about a significant archeological find in the Himalaya’s there were some flaws elsewhere in the book. In fact, the whole of the second half of the novel is a disappointment, after the build up to and the early part of the expedition. End was a bit anticlimactic. Clinging to the Southwest face of Annapurna, the climber cuts another handhold.


Esau – Philip Kerr – Google Books

Suddenly everything goes still — then the mountain roars, shaking loose its killing load, tumbling the In his most dazzling thriller to date, Philip Kerr spins a tale of high adventure in which science, politics, and human frailty combine to take us on a stunning foray into the nature of man. I skipped most of the long winded scientific details and just stuck to the story line, so finished this book in no time.

Overall a very good premise in a well written philp with some deep flaws that mar this one pretty deeply. He gives it to a babe paleoanthropologist, Ksrr.

Retrieved 25 March Of course, they mount an expedition to search out the origin of the skull and the story takes off from there. Their application to the National Geographic Society is turned down, but then reversed by a last-minute financial intervention, supposedly by a new sponsor but actually by Uncle Sam.

The name had to be changed shortly before publication, when the publishers discovered there was already a novel with the same title, also about Reinhard Heydrich, by author Harry Turtledove. Nice twist toward the end but I got the feeling Kerr was cranking this book out for variety between his mysteries, which I really like.

The climbing sequences sound convincing, but I have no technical knowledge of this area. I don’t know if such a creature exists – I doubt it – but if it does, it’s probably in some secret valley or underground chamber, hidden from humans, safe from detection.

Bad guy very bad. Suddenly everything ohilip still — then the mountain roars, shaking loose its killing load, tumbling the climber before it. The climbing sequence As the blurb promises, we have a hunt for the yeti, a crisis between nuclear states and an out-of-control American agent working under cover.


An Anthology of Antipathy. Originally published on my blog here in March It interwove science with adventure and was a great piece of fiction. The synopsis not he dust jacket is what captured me – I have a severe fascination with the idea of a yeti or sasquatch living among us so I naturally had to grab this book.


This was a fantastic book that delivered magically. Mar 21, Tom rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Interesting that Jack knows there’s a spy but can’t figure out who when, well, it was obvious. I kept thinking, really? He was married to fellow novelist Jane Thynne ; they lived in Wimbledon, London[6] and had three children. International Science Fiction Database. Hard to complain about a thriller that references Jared Diamond. It is obviously well researched and this adds to the suspense and action.

Retrieved 13 September Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. But the tension also makes the CIA keen to introduce an agent into the area, and so, without Swift’s knowledge, pressure is brought for the decision to be reverse and for an agent who is also a scientist in a relevant field – a useful coincidence for the benefit of the plot is told to apply to be part of the team.

Retrieved 19 May I felt unsure about the crisis-induced love between two characters who appear to be dedicated to their own agendas. Jun 24, Rosie rated it liked it. You’ll just have to read it to find out! Jan 27, Heather rated it it was amazing. Looking for fortune and glory, Swift and Furness assemble a team and set up a camp in the Himalayas, in the dead of winter, to find a yeti.