Jacob Aagaard – Excelling at Chess Calculation, Capitalizing on Tactical Chances () pdf – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation. The right of Jacob Aagaard to be identified as the author of this work has been as – . concentrate on the endgame, prophylaxis, calculation and more general. The standard back cover hype reads, “The art of chess calculation is the absolute key to the success of a player. Master this discipline and you.

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Im talking early retirement for you and the Team — you could quit work and start doing what you enjoy like writing chess books and stuff like that.

I am very much looking forward to these masterpieces. Dayanand Sindhu marked it as to-read Mar 17, The main Chess specialists have paid for airfreight and already stock Black Gambits 2. Instead, they are more open-minded, looking concretely at the actual position and seeing for themselves whether such a pawn move ‘makes life easier for the attacker’, or whether it has various advantages that make it worth playing. I would add the newest Prophylaxis after or before Strategic Play.

David rated it it was amazing Mar 03, As prep for the Calculation book about to come out, in addition to reading the everyman book does the Chessbase dvd of positions you put together with Esben Lund still have relevance?

Wxcelling it also depends from the level of the studenthow long it takes i have FIDE, by the way excelping best rating ever after completing the excelling series. And financially we can only send them out in one go and only inside the European Union should it still exist in 9 months time! I am going on holiday in September and would like to take GM6 2nd Ed to read with me, if possible.

But as his notes show, it discourages Black’s counterplaya3, Bf2, f4 we’re up to 4 pawn moves, and both the bishop and pawn just moved for the second time.


Riaan du Plessis No, the rights for that book are with Everyman. Speaking for myself, Yusopov has complemented my aagawrd with Aagaards books. He followed this by moving his queen, moving a knight for a second time, then the knight yet again and then his queen! May 5th, at Eventually we thought we would promote the hardcovers.

Tartajubow’s Chess Books and Equipment: Excelling at Chess Calculation by Jacob Aagaard

The question in practice is whether anyone can decide calculatlon explicit means to what extent other factors in a typical middlegame are equal. Where in the Yusupov series would you insert Chess tactics from scratch, Mating the castled king and Chess structures. Given Black’s many pawn moves described above, we expect White to have a lead in development in the Sicilian. Bc1 are logical, but someone who learned chess from classical principles might look askance at moving his bishop three times to arrive at its starting position; or at having no pieces developed, even after July 12th, at My name is xxx xxx, aged 1x years and my elo is 21xx.

In addition, Aagard persistently oversimplifies my comments.

I find chess fun anyway! Jacob, I have voted for it as the best opening book on chesspub. Therefore if knights cannot be on the edge in the endgame, when only a few pieces remain, then this illustrates how little they contribute when out there. Tapani rated it it was amazing May 07, In general, I prefer to receive them on the blog, so my answers can be seen by anyone who is interested, so they can work out for themselves which direction is right for them.

The first book is pages, heavily packed with calfulation.

Turning to examples that Aagard argues with, I have a four-page section starting on page about moving pawns in front of one’s king, referring to Steinitz’ old admonition not to do so. October 5th, at When calculating, one ought to first calculate wide, not deep.

We do regularly make recommendations here on the blog and elsewhere, but we always stress that it is a recommendation.

Excelling at Chess Calculation: Capitalizing on Tactical Chances by Jacob Aagaard

First of all, they will mainly be workbooks. No one will tell you during a game. Lots of Prose is great its engaging without it we calcullation not be reading, but for me at some point I simply get confused and understanding chess becomes more of an abstraction.


I hope to see more from Yusopov in the future. Since my book doesn’t deny that an open board is generally favorable for bishops in endgame positions, what point is Aagard making? PaulH Yes, they can be used quite freely. The edcelling answer is no.

I don’t believe that Aagard’s arguments against me are very difficult to refute; but I do think that by this means I can address many of the questions I get about my book.

Is it likely that GM6 2nd Edition will be published before September? Chess Books from Europe buy from us directly sometimes only. Similarly, Aagard tries to strengthen his case against me by saying that ‘winning pawns is a good idea’ is a rule.

We will see what else we put out before the summer, …. Aagard also uses a strawman argument here, saying that Kasparov’s wordless notes from Informant to which I referred ‘[don’t] mean that he uses only calculation when he is sitting at the board. But the work done this way is not wasted as you will learn on the way and if it is really too much you could split the work amongst you and a friend for instance.

I hope this was helpful. See page of my book for an example of what I mean. How to Train Calculation 9.

The Week in Chess

Jacob Aagaard Yes, please make new publishing schedule. Everyone who works with these books seriously have made big progress; including in India. Tomasz Chessthinker This will be a bit down the line, I think.