Software communication problems can occur due to a few reasons. Please click on the appropriate troubleshooting guide (link) below for assistance. WT Meter – Digital Psychrometer and Portable Thermometer Hygrometer with LCD Monitor,. Extech RH Precision Dual Display Hygro Thermometer Psychrometer. RH Dual Display Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer. On Sale Extech RH ✅ Engineers on staff. ✅ FAST quotes ✅ We accept POs.

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E5 Relative Humidity sensor failure. Most organic materials and painted or oxidized surfaces have an emissivity factor of 0. Fondriest recommends using a rh4490 that offers shipment tracking for all returns.

Your stock check request has been submitted successfully. If this is not possible, carefully insert the test pins as far as possible without undue force. Communications Call, email or chat online eextech application engineers. Upon inspection, Fondriest will issue a credit based on the original method of payment.

Extech Product Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that Fondriest does not permit the return of or offer refunds for the following products:. How do I change the battery?

The Strobe units do not require reflective tape. EST via overnight service are normally delivered by 4: The estimated lead times are in business days Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.

Fondriest makes every effort to supply the products you order, but there may be occasions when Fondriest confirms orders and later learns that it rxtech supply the products, either at all or in the quantities ordered.

Extech RH Precision Hygro-Thermometer

If you do not wish to order alternative products, Fondriest xetech cancel your order for products that cannot be supplied and for any other products that you no longer wish to order as a result, and will refund your purchase price. OSHA compliance testing absolutely calls for a meter to be checked for calibration before and after every use.


All items will ship at one time unless you exyech request partial shipment. The easiest way to do this without damaging the power cord is to use a line separator Extech model However, breaking the circuit may not be possible. Extech does not include calibration certificates with our products. The thermometer’s optics sense emitted, reflected, and transmitted energy. Lifetime Technical Support A knowledgeable staff of application engineers provides ongoing support for the life of the product.

Order Processing The estimated shipment date on your order is based on product availability, payment processing time, and warehouse processing time and does not include transit time. Be sure to check the data sheets of the meters of interest to be sure that they can measure all of the parameters that you require. Can I lengthen or modify the leads that I have? We also have distributors who carry compatible probes for any application.

Extensive measurement technology, product troubleshooting and instrument repair workshops are offered at the factory.

Extech meters should be calibrated annually. This ability is known as emissivity and is based upon the material of the object and its surface finish.

Extech RH Precision Hygro Thermometer Hygrometer | eBay

Extech does not have a power analyzer that can make measurements from a VFD. Manuals for our power meters are available online. This could be due to a broken probe, or a bad connection between the probe and the meter. How do I get spare fuses for my Multimeter? These meters are smaller in size than traditional clamp meters and will easily fit into tight spaces. Delivery Time We keep you informed.


Extech RH490 Precision Hygro Thermometer Hygrometer

The amount of IR energy emitted by an object is proportional to an object’s temperature and its ability to emit energy. Do you have a temperature sensor to fulfill a specific need? Fondriest does not assume any liability for loss or damage to the product during shipping. Click on the category of your instrument and find the specific model you are looking for. Dashes are an indication that the temperature probe is not recognized by the meter. What is the difference between A and C Weighting.

Do all of your Power Analyzers measure transients and harmonics? Why do I need a IR extehc with adjustable emissivity?

These would include all exetch the Photo and Laser tachometers. Products shipped via standard service are normally delivered within five business days after shipment. Many of the fuses used in our meters can be found on-line in stores like Amazon. How do I set my meter up to measure specific 3 phase power applications?

Yes, we can cross reference other manufacturer’s products to Extech products. If you application requires lead modification always make the leads from a second set of leads and retain the standard leads for calibration or meter performance verification. Online pricing is not permitted for this product. How can I get a calibration procedure for my meter? Technical Support has a list of fuses used in our multimeters.

This calibration is valid for one year. Products purchased at Fondriest may not be exported. Do I need extedh use the extechh tape? The bandwidth measured is Learn more about shipping times, methods, costs, and carriers.