Book discussion of Feersum Endjinn (Iain M. Banks). Having read all the other sci -fi novels by Banks, I’d originally been put off this one since it. Some may come to Feersum Endjinn through the much admired writing of Banks as novelist Iain Banks. To those not even mildly conversant. Buy Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Banks makes us work for every page, every step of the story, and he rewards us with passages of exceptional, nearly poetic, prose that reveal his immense imagination and can set one’s mind spinning into an all too feasible future Earth of massive architecture, virtual immortality, and Sun-induced, ice age Encroachment.

To view it, click here. I doan no about that I sez but therz sum ole girl down thare scrubbin away thi landin wif sumfin pretti nockshis. He was pale-skinned and young and dressed in tight black clothes which matched his hair.

What’s really special is that one of the protagionist’s Bascule, a young Teller hacker, more or less viewpoints is written almost phonetically in first person perspective, which could potentially annoy some readers, but adds another layer of flavor to the already very thick atmosphere of the book.

Okay, so there’s encjinn more step.

Iain M. Banks – Feersum Endjinn v1

Given that the plot is about humans in the far future who stay on Earth and remain distrustful of some technology, I suppose there’s a lot about our relationship with technology this becomes most apparent at the very end, but to say more gets into spoiler territory.

Or mayb u wude like 2 go 4 a wok; take a constichewshinil roun sum ov thi terrices on thi roof, mayb stop off sumware 4 lunch – wot u say, Bascule? Go back to where you came from, or just stay where you are, but don’t go any further. An the ofor, Enndjinn Bankz, poolz this of brilyantly.

He sighed happily and got up from the bed, exiting via its foot so as not to disturb the voluptuous forms of the sleeping Luge twins, between whom he’d been lying. Gadfium, the Chief Scientist of the ruling class, is engaged in a conspiracy with like-minded nobles who believe that the elite are not acting in the best interests of the population, and who question the real motive of the ongoing war with the rival clan of Engineers.


Boompf-badoom; slapadowndoodie thru thi topmost obvyis layers whot corrisponds 2 thi upper levils ov thi brain – thi rashinil, sensibil, easily understood layers – in2 thi furst ov thi deepdown floors, thi bit under thi cerebral, under thi crust, under thi fotosphere, under thi obvyis.

He wasn’t sure what to do with the sheet of paper he’d just read, so he shrugged to himself and imagined it gone, but of course it didn’t go. Asura broadcasts to the world the truth regarding the encroachment and the attempts of the monarchy to prevent the activation of the crypt sub-systems.

If you can get past the one plot line that is written in its own English definitely difficult to readthen this is one of Banks’ better books, IMO. You can ask information of other constructs you can trust, and you can move within the crypt.

Awful stuff; the shirt felt scratchy, the jacket had great hairy Ms of fabric sticking out from it like mussed hair and the geams lad enormous, crude, visible stitches. I hope you never endinn tell anybody your most-secret code, or forget it. FeereumOlaf StapledonJ.

It might be, but it takes place on Earth eons endhinn the future, where humans inhabit nanoengineered megastructures created by their ancient forbears and live in a world of technology they no longer understand.

Nov 04, Martin rated it it was amazing. Then set her napkin down primly. He imagined that it blew again, but that he felt no cold; in a moment the wind was sharp and clean in his nostrils and cool on his naked skin, but it did not make him shiver. Nway, he juss got in tuch wif thi gard 2 report whot happind aftir Id insistid, tho heed only report that thi bird had stole a valubil anteik box, not a ant. I am a fish, Gadfium thought, and might have laughed had she been able to breathe. I thought she might take you, and… well, never mind.

Some believe that a solution to the encroaching cloud is contained in the cryptosphere, but their attempts to ensjinn it are being blocked by the powers that be.


Having read all the other sci-fi novels by Banks, I’d originally been put off this one since it wasn’t a Culture novel and was suppo She walked on in the direction of the distant tower, and only stopped again when one of the heads started to talk. I’ll be with you all endjinnn way. Her head still felt as though it was spinning.

Feersum Endjinn – Wikipedia

Much of the story takes place within a giant, decaying megastructure known as the “Fastness” or “Serehfa” built to feerxum a medieval castle, in which each “room” spans several kilometers horizontally and vertically, and the king’s palace occupies one room’s chandelier. The Crypt osphere is a giant, multi-level virtual reality, where the top-most environment is pretty much a copy of real world earth, with lower levels becoming increasingly bizarre and uninterruptible ‘chaotic’.

She stopped to look at a flower on a bush by the stream bank. He glanced into the crypt, first at the paused Hamletthen at the general security situation, then at the state of the war -still stalemated – and at the progress the bomb-workings were making in the level-five south-western solar – still struggling, still hoping to initiate in a few days, and still tightly controlled by Security – then swung through a few minds, finding various couples coupling and finding his own sexual interest piqued despite his earlier exertions with the almost insatiable Luge twins.

Want to Read saving…. He was watching the scene in the hall on a visor monitor.


Sessine got out of bed, went to the tall windows and stepped out onto the balcony. People have been trying to get in touch with the observatory since, but there’s no reply. There was a crackle of noise from inside the endjin, then someone spoke. It’s an earth where cities have died and the last bastion of civilization is an enormous castle called Serehfa. Commander Nifel is shocked and saddened.

The sky is blue. Although it is not a Culture books, there are some winks to Banks’ preferred technologies.