Book discussion of Feersum Endjinn (Iain M. Banks). Having read all the other sci -fi novels by Banks, I’d originally been put off this one since it. Some may come to Feersum Endjinn through the much admired writing of Banks as novelist Iain Banks. To those not even mildly conversant. Buy Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Lewy Land: Book discussion of Feersum Endjinn (Iain M. Banks)

There were some noises from within the head, then a face appeared within the hedge-face, sticking out from the middle of one feersjm. They face a conspiracy of powerful individuals with their own agenda, not necessarily interested in averting the looming threat.

We are not primitives, after all. Sori about this, Mr Zoliparia, I tel him, while Ergates qwikly changes thi bust sheez wurkin on 2 1 ov me with a enormis nose. Juss u keep yoo eers opin tho; I like heerin about ol this stuf. The larger rooms have their own weather systems.

The setting of the story is utterly unparalleled in anything else i’ve heard off: There was a snap. Rasfline looked away again. Said humans are very long lived indeed at this point, because there’s been a bit of an update to the Biblical pronouncement: Banks was also an expert on Scottish whisky.

As she sat up, the tunnel of light moved with her so that she was always looking straight into it, until she was gazing down to the end of the bed over the little hills her feet made in the soft coverings. The writing is often beautiful. The last she saw, one of the escort birds had landed beside the body and started pecking at it.


Feersum Endjinn – Wikipedia

As usual the future extrapolation and technologies are interesting and twisted, the characters are interesting, even the good guys, though the choral structure leaves some characterizations short. Barely five minutes had passed in base-reality since his death, and he had spent the great majority of that time unconscious, the data-set that was his stored personality being updated with the rigorously cross-checked information from the time and place of his murder before being activated: Oh yes, thought the King; poor Count Sessine.

Its summit was capped by further walled gardens and a small airfield. After maybe a page or two of adaptation, I could read it quite well each time — and I only started to learn English when I was 10, being German. Arm shaking, feeling weak; falls back to side. I can’t really tell if I didn’t understand parts of the plot because they weren’t well articulated by the author or because I found the book so unpleasant to read that I didn I really wanted to like this book.

Feersum Endjinn

If you know of anybody who remains loyal to you back in the mortal world, you can try to contact them on the screen; it’s a brand new address, never been format-collapsed, so the first call is safe. Seen up close, the chandelier is a city of elaborate, soaring, glass-paneled skyscrapers. He thought of calling his wife but she was probably still busy fornicating.


He looked like an absolute ruler, even though he wasn’t; he shared his power with the twelve representatives of the Consistory. Wel enway, i wonder whot on erth can b goin on? I doan no about that I sez but therz sum ole girl down thare scrubbin away thi landin wif sumfin pretti nockshis.

First of all, I’m a big Iain Banks fan. In the distance there was a castle. They were sitting in a vault room of the Bank of England, in Edwardian times. The back talks about Count Rndjinn, who I feel is only a minor character. Haven dun this 4 a while, I sed.

Nifel; just the man, Sessine thought. The lieutenant braced himself against the car’s ceiling with his free hand and sniffed hard. Hiz brayvry leedz him 2 perform acts uv grayt consikwens, even if he cant c thos consikwensis frum hiz limitd perzpektiv.

Sessine dropped through the hatch, and as he did so realised that he might have made a terrible mistake. I’m coming to that! Gadfium shook her head, tapped her fingers on the seat’s wooden armrest and opened a vent by the side of the window to let the warm air in. Brings this trilogy to a merciful end by Email Anon 2.