A Fire Upon the Deep may be the most exciting and important of all modern future and even mobile phones were still a little exotic, Vernor Vinge had his finger. It’s not that I think A Fire Upon the Deep is perfect, it’s just that it’s got so much in it . There are lots of books that have fascinating universes, and. A perfect example is A Fire Upon the Deep, by Vernor Vinge. It takes all the tropes of space opera, but grounds them in interesting speculations.

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Mostly it was cute, but then there was Harmony Redjackets. Inevitably the story picks up the pace as the separate storylines converge on Tine, and there is a drawn-out medieval battle between the Tine factions, while Ravna and Pham and crew rush to reach Tine fiire unleash a force to destroy the Blight, which is close on their heels.

The series turned me on to Vinge’s work and I’ve read most of it. Okay, so you have some orphaned children alone on an alien world. A group of scientists investigating a five billion year old data archive accidentally unleashes the Blight, a malignant superintelligence that rapidl Epic science fiction at its best, this space opera novel shared the Hugo Award with Doomsday Book.

Author of Aru Shah and the End of Time: Can this really be a five star book? Good Puon shows manage to connect them thematically and then tie them together into one story by the end. While it isn’t accurate to say the book predicted the Internet — the geek elite were, after all, long entrenched in Usenet newsgroups even then — it can be said to have accurately bullseyed what became the Internet’s character.

Recognizing the danger of what they have awakened, the researchers at High Lab attempt to flee in two ships, one carrying all the adults and the ceep carrying all the children in ” coldsleep boxes “.

And, for whatever re I seem to be one of the few geeks who was dramatically underwhelmed by this book. Only the book can give you the proper context for discovering and I mean discovering one of the most expertly realized alien worlds and a cosmology so magnificent that it hurts.


I agree with stross. It is clearly the start of a new series, as it ends in a cliff-hanger with multiple arcs truncated. Instead, more advanced technologies cease to function when taken into slower zones, since the laws of physics themselves are different.

As other reviewers pointed out, this book has some great ideas. I love how organically Vernor Vinge integrated so many high tech concepts into his plotlines, it’s crazy to think he came out with A Fire Upon the Deep over 20 years ago. You can take that as many thousands of years for a lower limit.

Quick Rules:

Extensive priors before this review began. Each of these areas has a different level of progress from one extreme to the other. It means parts of the war against the Blight slow to a crawl because we know what has to happen to defeat it. However, it had a very strong beginning and end.

Spoilers about XYZ is done with: A group of scientists investigating a five billion year old data archive accidentally unleashes the Blight, a malignant superintelligence that rapidly learns how to infiltrate and control computer systems and even living species.

In my memory, I always confuse it for being more then one book if that makes sense. Apr 05, Stuart rated it liked it Shelves: A Fire Upon the Deep. This is an epic, sprawling space opera set in the distant future where a menacing blight is unleashed after an ancient artefact is discovered and it threatens to overwhelm the galaxy. It’s not a short book, but it was obvious to me as I went on that I was losing s Executive Summary: The novel is also dated.

I don’t want the story ruined and I had heard it wasn’t that good.

A Fire Upon the Deep

Yes, I’m aware of the ludicrous challenge it would be, the expenses involved, and the vanishingly small chances of getting it right. I loved vernoe from beginning to end. I just had to watch some kitten videos afterwards to lift my spirits back up, haah! In one scene, a character learns billions have died when her homeworld was devastated, yet this event only serves as upo setup for the personal drama of the characters!


It currently consists of three books and one short story:. I want to make it clear that I don’t lightly write rave reviews.

Make sure you read this slowly or you might miss a handful of neat ideas. Kind of makes you feel insignificant, right?

Zones of Thought (Literature) – TV Tropes

Like others, it is one of my favorite books and I believe the first book of Vinge’s I’ve read. Part of this appeal is the imaginative way Vinge split up the Milky Way Galaxy so that proximity affects what is possible. I haven’t even gone into the cosmic plot involving singularity and the god-like Powers yet and I’m not going to because I could spend all day extolling the virtues of this book and never get anything else done.

Email Required, but never shown. We’d probably need a new word to describe this activity. Uupon like the living equivalent of software, forever updating and patching.

So why would you compromise the potency of that signal by resorting to tropes as worn-out and dualistic as “The Blessed Orphan Children of Destiny” and “The Unknowable, Evil Blight of Doom”? The sequel, Children of the Skyis left hanging The prequel isn’t really tied to this one by more than a single character, one that is quite different for reasons explained in the …more This one is fine. Come on now, Vern, let’s not make them the cutest, most innocent creatures in all of the Pack of Pack’s Creation.

Absolutely love this and almost anything by Vinge.