The Federation of Click above to download FOGSI FOCUS – THE Healthy Generation X. The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India > FOGSI Publication Click above to download FOGSI FOCUS Women Health Wellness &. The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India > FOGSI Publication > FOGSI Focus > FOGSI Focus Ovulation Induction &.

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The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

Austraia fee that a Downs individua can have a fuiing ife and thus one shoud not be biased about aborting a Downs baby. The cervica ength is the shortest of three measurements taken between caipers paced at the interna os and externa os. Other interventions Other interventions, such as pharmacotherapy with indomethacin or antibiotics, activity restriction, or suppementation with omega-3 fatty acids are not recommended as cinica interventions for women with an incidentay diagnosed short cervica fkgsi.

Progesterone can aso be used beneiciay for secondary prevention after tocoysis, athough no beneit has been fofus in twin pregnancies. Promoting and faciitating excusive use of expressed breast mik: Suchitra Pandit and Dr.

The organizing team and the scientific committee envisage a varied and interesting three-day program for professional and academic pursuits along with entertainment and fun, the conference is being held at the HICC, Hyderabad, and Telangana from 16 th th November This condition is suspected in women who present in weeks of gestation with sudden onset of severe nausea and vomiting and the rogsi tests are in the hyperthyroid range. Vitamin D and the magic mountain: Expert committee on the diagnosis and cassiication of diabetes meitus: There may be diarrhea, nausea and vomiting and non speciic abdomina pain.



The four major sensory modaities recommended for neonata deveopmenta intervention incude: This is not seen with the use of PTU. We conduct an antenata cass at 28 weeks of gestation. J of Paed ; E Poster and Oral Program. Decision making is the most important activity in patient care. Today, every expectant coupe comes to an Obstetrician with the utimate aim of having a heathy neonate. Screen or not to screen? Both these disorders are known to cause compications eary in the gestationa period, and ate in adoescence and aduthood.


In infancy and chidhood 4. It compresses rocus heart. The maternity service has to be geared up, especiay the Staff Nurses and Mausis, to be abe to initiate breastfeeding at the eariest, within an hour of birth.

Diabetes Care Aug; 21 supp 2: If focu does not happen, you can repeat the dose every minutes. A pregnant woman found to have norma gucose toerance [NGT], in the irst trimester, shoud be tested for GDM again around 24thth week and inay around 32ndth week. Providing at east mg of iron for days during pregnancy and continuing 3 months postpartum8. Other speciic tests and monitoring modaities Saivary Estrio, bacteria vaginosis testing, home uterine activity monitoring HUAM and Feta ibronectin measurement have been proposed to assess a woman s risk of preterm foxus.


Incidence is about 1 per babies born each year.

TSH eve fogi be rechecked at 6 weeks postpartum, and it is important to continue monitoring TFTs for at east 6 months after deivery. Diabetes Care Juy; 30 2: Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D. Fever is a prominent feature and may exceed 40 C. Materna thyroid deiciency and pregnancy compications: An episode of hyperthyroidism 3 to 4 months reverting to euthyroidism.


Both euthyroid and hypothyroid group were compared in terms of their age, parity, gestationa age, socio-economics status geographica area distribution and pregnancy outcomes. Invovement of the mother-inaw and the husband in this discussion heps.

Utrasound nucha transucency at competed weeks combined with serum markers at weeks.