Interpreting information systems in organizations. G Walsham. , Doing interpretive research. G Walsham. European journal of information systems Niall Hayes, Geoff Walsham: Participation in groupware-mediated communities of practice: a socio-political analysis of knowledge working. Geoff Walsham’s 91 research works with citations and reads, including: Information Technology, Innovation and Human Development: Hospital.

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Terms of Use Privacy Policy Imprint. Trier 1 Trier 2. IT for Development 23 1: EllwayGeoff Walsham: A doxa-informed practice analysis: Empiricism in interpretive IS research: Sundeep SahayGeoff Walsham: Building a Better World: Emmanuelle VaastGeoff Walsham: Grounded theorizing for electronically mediated social contexts. Isam FaikGeoff Walsham: Integrated health information architecture: IT for Development 19 3: BarrettLoizos HeracleousGeoff Walsham: MIS Quarterly 37 1: Are we making a better world with ICTs?

Reflections on a future agenda for the IS field. A better world with ICTs?

Response to the commentaries. Mark ThompsonGeoff Walsham: ICT Research in Africa: Need for a Strategic Developmental Focus. IT for Development 16 2: John MingersGeoff Walsham: Toward Ethical Information Systems: The Contribution of Discourse Ethics. MIS Quarterly 34 4: Supporting a Network of Practice with an Information Infrastructure.


Information Systems Research 20 4: Digital inclusion projects in developing countries: IT for Development 15 2: Yingqin ZhengGeoff Walsham: Social exclusion in the e-society as capability deprivation.

Towards Ethical Information Systems: Information Technology in the Service Economy Charles NoirGeoff Walsham: ICT as myth and ceremony in the Indian healthcare sector. Somya JoshiMichael I. BarrettGeoff WalshamSam Cappleman: An Activity Theory Approach.

Virtuality and Virtualization Digital Inclusion Projects in Developing Countries: Value, Sustainability, and Scalability. Information and Organization 15 1: Learning about being critical.

Guest Lecture: Geoff Walsham on ICT4D Research: Reflections on History and Future Agenda

Development, global futures and IS research: ScottGeoff Walsham: Organization Science 16 3: Integration or a Thousand Flowers? Managing cross-cultural issues in global software outsourcing. BarrettGeoff Walsham: Examining Processes of Construction and Use. Relevant Theory and Informed Practice georf MyersDetmar W. StraubJohn MingersGeoff Walsham: BarrettLeiser SilvaGeoff Walsham: Cross-Cultural Software Production and Use: MIS Quarterly 26 4: Niall HayesGeoff Walsham: Participation in groupware-mediated communities of practice: Information and Organization 11 4: BarrettSundeep SahayGeoff Walsham: Information Technology and Social Transformation: Learning to value the Bardic tradition: Culture, communication and organisational knowledge.

Organizational and Social Perspectives on IT Information Systems Research 10 1: Geoff WalshamSundeep Sahay: MIS Quarterly 23 1: IT and Changing Professional Identity: Micro Studies and Macro-Theory.


Professor Geoff Walsham – Networks of evidence and expertise for public policy

MyersGeoff Walsham: Exemplifying Interpretive Research in Information Systems: Shifting boundaries and new technologies: Matthew JonesClaudio U. Implementation of GIS in India: International Journal of Geographical Information Science 10 4: Ethical theory, codes of ethics and IS practice.

Understanding IT and Social Transformation: Development and Illustration of a Conceptual Scheme. Information Systems Research 6 4: Information systems and public administration reform: Contributions from European research programmes.

Geoff WalshamTimothy Mwololo Waema: Information Systems Strategy and Implementation: A Case Study of a Building Society. Richard BaskervilleBrian T. PentlandGeoff Walsham: Two Techniques for Qualitative Data Analysis: Descriptive Narrative and Generalization. Decentralization of IS in developing countries: Ethical Issues in Information Systems Development: The Walshaj as Moral Agent.

OrlikowskiGeoff Walsham: Structuration Theory in Information Systems Research: Matthew JonesGeoff Walsham: The Limits of the Knowable: Organizational and Gfoff Knowledge in Systems Development.

Timothy Mwololo WaemaGeoff Walsham: