Geologia Regionalna Polski by Ewa Stupnicka, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , E. Stupnicka and others published Geologia regionalna Polski (Regional Geology of Poland) }. Geologia regionalna Polski Regional Geology of Poland. Author(s): Ewa Stupnicka, Marzena Stempień-Sałek Subject(s): Regional Geography, Historical .

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Springer-Verlag, New York, pp. They are also characterised by a similar stage of metamorphosis.

Guide-book for laboratory and field activity. Journal of Plant Nutrition 36, Predominant occurrence of cohesive deposits in the described area Oligocene scaled clay mixed with moraine disturbed material results in a high susceptibility of ground to moisture changes.

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Tracking Environmental Change using Lake Sediments. Precipation of calcium carbonate in a shallow polymictic coastal lake: Landform Analysis 14, Roczniki Gleboznawcze 58, Paleopedology problems in Pplski. Climate of the Past 10, The main litho-geochemical component is CaCO 3 ; its content ranges from 4. Seven Millennia of human impacts as reflected in a high resolution pollen profile from the profundal sediments of Litzelsee, Lake Constance region, Germany.

Mapa geologiczna Polski w skali 1: Principal component analysis PCA has enabled the distinction the most important factors that affected the chemical composition of sediments at the Wilkostowo site, i. Sloss compared his sequences to Bogdanov’s fold complexes or structural complexes.



Geologia Regionalna Polski

Kwartalnik geologiczny 3, Wydawnictwa Geologiczne Stupnicka, E. One of the most important tasks of syupnicka design-investment process is to take action in such a way as to interfere as little as possible in the natural environment and at the same time to achieve the intended purpose. The kinds of landscape are: The landscape was formed thanks to glacial and fluvioglacial processes. The term tectonic level is also used as a subordinate unit to structural level.

Tectonic Cycles of the North American Craton. Journal of Paleolimnology 29, Deposits of the biogenic accumulation stupnucka.

However, in practice, the distinction between structural level bound by regional-scale unconformities and fold complex is difficult, and often these two terms are treated as equivalent.

Chemical investigation of lake sediments and their interpretation. Limnology and Oceanography 10, 2, Radiocarbon 55, 4, Wydawnictwa Geologiczne Mizerski, W. Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta 42, Conservative and non-conservative behaviour of dissolved constituents during estuarine mixing.

Ecological Studies Metals in Society and in the Environment. Roczniki Gleboznawcze 47, Geochemistry of deposits from spring-fed fens in West Pomerania Poland and its significance for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. European Journal of Operational Research 93, A mon ography study. Mapa Geologiczna Polski 1: Sediments of the Wilkostowo mire are located in the direct vicinity of an archaeological site, where traces of intensive settlement dating back to the Neolithic have been documented. The complicated arrangement of deposit layers results in spatial variability of groundwater level, and proper design of building foundation is difficult, even in the case of a small, detached house.


In the article there are also presented some more worth-seeing places, e.

Geologia Regionalna Polski : Ewa Stupnicka :

Folia Quaternaria 78, Oxford University Press, pp. The influence of oxiding and reducing conditions upon the distribution of some elements in lake sediments. Mineralogical analysis of lake sediments. The analysed core has allowed the documentation of environmental changes between the older part of the Atlantic Period and the present day probably interrupted at the turn of the Meso- and Neoholocene.

Acta Geologica Polonica 6, 4, Abstract The short characteristic of Lithuanian geology is presented, as well as the landforms which are egologia connected to the sediments. Hydrological changes after the last ice retreat in Northern Poland using radiocarbon dating.