To become a Leader, you’ll need to complete the Leadership Qualification. You can The first three modules of our Leadership Qualification are compulsory. If you’re keen to become a leader and empower young members to aim high then you’ll need to complete your Leadership qualification. The first step to being a Leader is to gain your Leadership Qualification, open to any adults or members of The Senior Section aged 16 or over. It’s a practical.

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Your role in our programme — this covers planning and delivering a high quality programme specific to the section Rainbows, Brownies, Guides or The Senior Section you want to work with.

Leadership qualification

A Safe Space, Level 2 — Creating a safe space For leaders, assistant leaders, unit helpers, leaders in training, young leaders, peer educators and those that are doing level 3 and 4. What training and support will I get? Training for Level 2 are face-to-face and take place within the County.

The Young Leader Qualification is open to anyone in The Senior Section aged 14 to 16, giving you a brilliant opportunity to shine as a leader by playing an active role in leading a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit. Volunteer with us More. Looking for a theme for your camp or a fantastic new challenge badge to get stuck into?

A Safe Space training It is important to ensure guiding takes place in a safe environment. A Safe Space, Level 3 — Recognising, telling and taking action For anyone leading a team of adults, leaders in charge or lradership least one leader per unit with module four of the Leadership qualificationmentors, advisers, coordinators except GO coordinatorslicence holders on residentials, trainers, tutors and those doing level 4.


Who can complete this qualification? Volunteer with us More. The Being a leader e-learnings are also designed to prepare you for leadership, and qaulification a great introduction to the role.

Becoming a leader with Girlguiding Scotland is the start of a journey which will change your life and those girlguidig the girls you inspire.

Need some inspiration for fun, quirky or thought-provoking activities to do with your unit? Check out our resources section for the lowdown on everything from funding to training, planning events and making a splash in the media. It is important to ensure guiding takes place in a safe environment. Already involved and need information, forms and more to make guiding happen?

You can also repeat Module 1 to train to lead another section.

Leadership qualification | Girlguiding Scotland

It looks pretty good on your CV, too! This clause cannot be signed off until you have completed the face-to-face training or — if approved — the e-learning modules have been completed and the follow up discussion has taken place. All Leaders in Training who have not completed their Leadership Qualification must attend training.

What are the stages? Joining for girls More. Please note that there is no recognising prior learning available for Level 1 or Level 2, because this must be completed by all requiring it as it lays out the approach we take to safeguarding and how we create safe spaces in Girlguiding. Your role in Girlguiding — this covers making or renewing your Promise, contributing to meetings at a local level and getting involved in local Girlguiding.


Joining for girls More.

Everyone who undertakes our Girlgguiding qualification is assigned a mentor — a qualified leader who will guide you through the modules and support you by answering any questions you have. There are four levels of training.

Become a leader and you will work directly with girl, helping them grow into confident young women. Our activities section has all this and more — and remember to share your story qualificatjon you have an idea other guiders could use.

Leadership Qualifications

The previous A Safe Space training is equivalent to Level 1 and 2 of this training. It covers managing record-keeping systems and effective communication in your area.

In JanuaryGirlguiding introduced safeguarding as a compulsory element of the Leadership Qualification. The first step to being a Leader is to gain your Leadership Qualificationopen to any adults or members of The Senior Section aged 16 or over.