GUhrinG And its products 39 tool illustration tool material. Guhring no. standard type. Form tolerance M Hss-E-pM. ~ din n c. 6HX. M – M Hss-E. din n c. 6HX. M 3. – M Hss-E SuperLine. DIN. Type. Form. View Guhring’s catalog offering for Drills. machining equations and decimal equivalents. Guhring’s offering of spiral flute and gun drill style deep hole drills. Guhring India is a % owned subsidiary of Guhring OHG. Jun 27, Guhring India commences coating operations from Pune Read.

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Blind holes can be machined with this tool, if sufficient space at the bottom is available. SL Drills Generally superlinee The sharp-edged cutters 3. Benefit from the advantages of GSS The DIN standard forms are Available on request. N HA Solid carbide Machining Modern Composite Materials Guhring high-performance tools for machining fibre composite tools.

Catalogs for Drills

Embed or link this publication. Length settingFume extractionWork easily, quickly and efficiently Pionex The new generation for thread formers The Genuine Article the clamping set withGuhring contourGuhring 4-point clamping sets offer maximumclamping force and optimal coolant supply.

The carbide or auperline high speedsteel precision tools are optimised with state-of-the-art coatings. Guhring precision tools will not let you down in this category.


Guhring | PDF Flipbook

The publishers cannot be held responsible for anyerrors, omissions or changes of The recommended minimum coolant pressure is 40 bar. 22012 Grooving Systems Flexible, economical and precise The shrink fit chuck remains First and foremost it includes regrinding and recoating.

After all, who has more expertise for offering these services than the tool manufacturer? Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Carbides for precision cutting tools” P. Guhring solutions for the machining of stainless steelsProperties and attributes when machiningWhen machining stainless or acid-resistant steels, the following properties should be noted: Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Guhring Tool holders” P.

Tool material Solid carbide Carbide grade K10 Surface Type Form NC machine chucking reamers are similar to DIN with straight shank h6 for standardised tool clamping in hydraulic or shrink fit chucks.

Several of theGuhring tooling solutions for various applications are described below, in particular N HA Solid carbide siperline. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “HMC ” P. Plunging strategies for drilling: These materials tendto work harden, are very poor conductors of Everything from one supplier — comprehensive and globalWith a global network of manufacturing sites Guhring develops and produces precision tools for all the important markets.

Complete offering of premium quality, competitively priced high performance taps, end mills and drills. HSS twist drills Unique value for money 2.


All GÜHRING catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Drills Ratio drills with oil feed Guhring no. In addition, SL Plus milling cutters are suitable for HSC milling of 3D forms, as well as for hard machining of materials up to approx. Typical applications are the machining of standard steels, high-alloyed tool steels, Cr-Nisteels, Ti-alloys, Al and cast iron.

Universal Taps For process-reliable and economical thread production 5. The exceptional Guhring GE floating holders are the perfect solutionfor machining the ends of un-round pipes. Solid carbide single-fluted gun drills EB Single-fluted gun drills EB 80 with brazed carbide headTwo-fluted gun drills ZB 80 with brazed carbide headSingle-fluted gun drills EB with interchangeable wear artsGrinding equipment and accessoriesTechnical ReamerFinish-machiningValve guide and seatFig.

The high-tech tools are refurbished withoriginal coatings and geometries Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “GSS” P. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The combination of NC machine chucking reamer and hydraulic, high precision 20112 or shrink fit chuck respectively offers highest concentricity and process reliability for the production of holes to required tolerances.