Inside Al Qaeda examines the leadership, ideology,structure, strategies, and tactics of the Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror. ROHAN GUNARATNA. Rohan Gunaratna: Inside Al Qaeda. Global “Inside Al Qaeda” as the undoubtedly best popular book on Al Qaida, which I have read so far. Professor Rohan Gunaratna, the author of Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror, presented on the “Enduring Terrorist Threat:” at GE Insurance organized.

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It contains details about regional operations, personalities involved, finances, and the whole nine yards. I gave this 2 stars because it gunaraatna basically impossible to read. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. David Premier rated it liked it Feb 15, Not a single one. Some of his insights seem speculative, but that doesn’t make them wrong.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The vice president to take over for a short period, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, later turned a radical Islamist and visited Mullah Omar in Taliban’s Afghanistan, but then he no gunarana had any official position in President Maskhadov’s government. And of course they fiercely defend Israel’s struggle for survival, forgetting that the Zionists, too, originally employed terror just like their later Arab counterparts in Ugnaratna.

The most serious flaw is his obvious lack of insight in regard to certain regions, most of all to the Caucasus, and to lesser extent to the examples of Central Asia and the Balkans.

But then to the weaknesses: Qaeea read the whole thing. This is not one of those books. I made the executive decision late last night to give up on this book. Basayev’s Arab ally, the undoubtedly radical Islamist, Saudi gunaratan with the nom de guerre Khattab, is the only established link between Chechens and Al Qaeda, and he probably influenced strongly to Basayev’s turning into radical anti-Western Islamism, while simultaneously clashing against the Chechen leadership.

It is also easy to identify the single weakest-quality chapter in Gunaratna’s book. For all I know, there are probably tons more that I missed when I was zoning out, which I spent a lot of time doing through the first pages.

Gunaratna claims Shamil Basayev to have been “Afghan-trained” and having “a close relationship with Osama”. Even those “non-Western” authors, who have been successful in selling their books in the West, have adopted an approach that is even more Western than that of the Westerners themselves. However, I experienced zero enjoyment and felt no spark of interest in reading this book.


Book Review: “Inside Al Qaeda” by Rohan Gunaratna

Gunaratna touches this issue, although qaed seems to remain unclear to him, what the actual context was: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Walt rated it really liked it Mar 28, So do not let the above criticism against one bad chapter in an otherwise excellent book spoil your willingness to read this book, which The Eurasian Politician can warmly recommend. The third category of mainstream terrorism books is constituted mainly by accounts written by experienced journalists.

All those ijside Soviet” fighters who were later captured or killed in a couple of clashes with the Pakistani forces in the North-Western Frontier Province inproved to be Uzbeks. Their academic expertise is, however, limited to ironical and parodical mocking at Western rhetorics, while their case knowledge is based on repeating selective ibside myths qeada world politics, often starting with age-old Soviet disinformation and ending up in the urban legends of present anti-American discourse.

Also the background of Al Qaida and many of its key operatives is here given in a more specific and detailed as well as more reliable package than in any other recent terrorism book in popular distribution.

Funaratna this genre insists on the West giving aid to any poor country, but obviously this should not be done against the interests of the Soviet Union or Russia.

Part of the “information” seem to originate in an oral source, maybe an intelligence official Russian? Gunaratna continues with demonizing the Chechen radical Islamist leader Shamil Basayev, but here the chronology and logic of narrating the Chechen conflict get seriously confused. While the conflict of the Prigorodniye region between North Ossetians and Ingush took place before the Chechen War, the Moscow bombs took place only in September Global Network of Terror by Rohan Gunaratna.

There was no writing in this book. Meanwhile, the actual independence movement maintained nationally inspired secular or Sufi character, with open pro-Western orientation. Ben Aveiro rated it liked it May 22, I understand that he was striving for brevity, but it made the book harder to read, often leading me to have to re-read sentences to understand their structure.


People have even complained of inaccuracies but im not aware as such. A hint towards this is for example the transliteration of the article al in as-Sarehi’s name in the way preferred in Russia, instead of the Anglo-Saxon way, which Gunaratna uses in other names – for example al Zawahiri, not az-Zawahiri. It’s not very long, but it’s basically just jam-packed with facts.

This was more from an academic side with many interviews. The discourse goes on blaming any pro-Western Muslim government for “fascism” or “dictatorship”, especially those, which are in fact democratic and moderate, like Turkey. Gunaratna has also avoided most of the popular urban legends wide-spread in the Western media, beginning with the fantastic claims of Usama bin Ladin’s connections with the CIA.

Berkley Books, New York, The Taliban recognition for Chechen independence, which Yandarbiyev managed to get from Mullah Omar, was rejected by Maskhadov, because the Chechens did not consider the Taliban to be the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

Basayev, with some of his men, made a short visit to Afghanistan around mids, but this had not much importance. Nikki Vaughn rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Published June 3rd by Berkley Trade first published According to them, terrorism is caused by the fact that the US assisted Afghan mujahidin to fight the cruel Soviet occupation of their land in the s.

Inas-Sarehi, according to the Saudi government, played a role in the bin-Laden-inspired Riyadh bombing, after which he was extradited to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan.

Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror

Mar 10, Snowdon added it. From the negative feedback I have seen, I think most people were anticipating it to be a reference style of book that tells all in one volume.

Gunaratna provides gunartna excellent history of the terror network. I should not have had this much difficulty making out the text in a book but I did. Paperbackpages.