Prose Edda is called The “Tricking of Gylfi” (or, in Old Norse, Gylfaginning). Since Gylfaginning is very long, only sections about the Sun, Moon, and seasons . Gylfaginning^ conceived in the true antiquarian spirit, supplies the mythological and . that the highly technical nature of Hattatal forbids translation into English. Snorra Edda: Gylfaginning. Gylfaginning ยท Gylfaginning The English translation chosen for the Prose Edda is by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, from a.

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The god Heimdallr stands before the rainbow bridge while blowing a horn by Emil Doepler.

Vidar gykfaginning the name of the silent asa. Andhrimnir has in Eldhrimnir Saehrimnir sodden. All the cham- pions of Hel follow Loki; and the Sons of Muspell shall have a company by themselves, and it shall be very bright.

He took from the earth two children, who hight Bil and Hjuke, as they were going from the well called Byrger, and were carrying on their shoulders the bucket called Englisb and the pole Simul.

The sons of Bor slew the giant Ymer, but when he fell, there flowed so much blood from his wounds that they drowned therein the whole race of frost giants; excepting one, who escaped with his household.

As a punishment for his audacity in seating himself in that holy seat, Frey went away full of grief. That is their play. Him Thor kicked with his foot and dashed him into the fire, and he, too, was burned.

Alfather he is called in our tongue, but in Asgard of old he had twelve names. Then took Alfather Night and her son Day, gave them two horses and two englis, and set them up in heaven to drive around the earth, each in twelve hours by turns. Again, it is said that the norns, that dwell in the fountain of Urd, every day take water from the fountain and take the clay that lies around the fountain and sprinkle therewith the ash, in order that its branches may not wither or decay.

A careful and scholarly account of it by Eirikr Magnusson’ will be found in the introduction to gylfagnning sixth volume of The Saga Library. Thor went over to it, put his hand under the middle of its body snglish tried to lift it up, but the cat bent its back in the same degree as Thor raised his hands; and when he had stretched them up as far as he was able the cat lifted one foot, and Thor did not carry the game any further. Thor answered that they were just going to sleep.


Then Thor became wroth, grasped his hammer, and would forthwith have crushed her skull, had not all the gods asked peace for her. Hear, Earl, the Gore of Kvasir. There Gefjun set the land, gave it a name and called it Seeland.

It is not necessary to dwell on this part of the story. And when he set the horn away and looked into it, it gylfaginnning to him that he had drunk less than the first time; but the horn could now be born without spilling. The builder hurried after them with all his might, and wanted to catch the englisy, but these horses kept running all night, and thus the time was gylfagnining, and at dawn the work had not made the usual progress. Wikisource has original text related to this article: These horses ran all night, and the wright stopped there that night; and after- ward, at day, the work was not done as it had been before.

An episode in the Latin work Gesta Danorum, written in the 12th century by Saxo Grammaticus, is generally considered to refer to Hel, and Hel may appear on various Migration Period bracteates.

Prose Edda/Gylfaginning – Wikisource, the free online library

Tylfaginning blows Heimdallr, the horn is aloft; Odin communes with Mimir’s head; Trembles Yggdrasill’s towering Ash- The old tree wails when the Ettin is loosed.

Thor has just been humiliated in a drinking challenge and wants to get even. But has not Thor avenged himself for this?

They took his skull and made thereof the sky, and raised it over the earth with four sides. The Wolf thought that no overwhelming odds, and let them do with him as they would.


Prologue and Gylfaginning xxviii-xxxi. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Eight hundred einherjes Go at a time through one door When they fare to fight with the wolf.

Frey made no objection to gylfaginnijg and gave him the sword. He is very daring and stout-hearted. Odin and His Masks. Inside the palace he encounters a man who asks Gylfi’s name and so King Gylfi introduces himself as Gangleri.


The wolf thought that this fetter was indeed very strong, but also that his strength had increased since he broke Lading. Does Gylraginning have the same kind of food as the einherjes?


Baugi bored anew ; and when Bol- verkr blew a second time, then the chips were blown in by the blast. Viking Society for Northern Research, 8. Loki shall have battle with Heimdallr, and each be the slayer of the other. He wondered much that the asa-folk was so mighty in knowledge, that all things went after their will.

The red which you englieh in the rainbow is burning fire. They besought Suttungr to grant them respite of their lives, and as the price of reconciliation offered him the precious mead in satisfaction of his father’s death.

Possible meaning “the one that like to go where it is slippery'[1] is a stallion that fathered the eight-legged horse Sleipnir with Loki in the form of a mare.

He went secretly, having assumed the likeness of an old man, and striving thus to disguise himself. The bargain was firmly established with witnesses and oaths, for the giant did not deem it safe to be among the asas without truce if Thor should come home, who now was on a journey to the east fighting trolls.

Edda Snorra Sturlusonar

Then they took a large stone, which is called Tvite, and drove it still deeper into the ground, and used this stone for a fastening-pin. Then they went under another oak. And Thor gylfaginnin so wroth at the giant that he came near letting the hammer ring on his head straightway, but he restrained himself, for he intended to try his strength elsewhere.

When the gods saw how much he grew every day, and all prophecies declared that he was predestined to become fatal to them, they resolved to gylfaginnin a very strong fetter, which they called Lading.