Powerful hammerhead slingshot made of mulberry tree This slingshot is made by mulberry tree. Lightweight, ergonomic and handle is shaped so that it a. Shop our extensive line of new & used ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, go karts, trailers, equipment and more for sale. Our fully serviced, family owned. Polaris Side-by-Sides for sale, ATVs snowmobiles and more for sale as well as Slingshot motorcycles and Hammerhead Off-Road Go Karts for sale and more!.

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Dimensions are shown on the picture.

My clunky sling-shots, regardless of the effort I put into them, never seem to aquire the beauty you seem to create so effortlessly and naturally. Slinghsot talked to Tobias, fellow slingshooter and the current record holder for the most powerful handheld discipline, about further enhancing the available designs for hammer grip shooters. If I did the whole slingshot as one print it would take somewhere around 14 or more hours and need a raft and supports.

More than 4 different styles of slingshots. Depending on the width and length of the slope, which define the friction surface, certain mm from the band does not work effectively. Tosh Togo November 1, at 8: This new file is also 1mm thinner making it 8mm from 9mm.

Any Moorhammer/hammerhead slingshots for sale?

Newer Post Older Post Home. Lightweight, ergonomic and handle is shaped so that it allows grip most tightly to the fork. I broke this into 4 pieces on purpose. I also wanted to make the molds to use to make carbon fiber slingshots. This looks like a highpower and high ergonomic shooter: Also Hammerheqd can do away with rafts and supports, which hmmerhead up the print time.


I drew the basic shape in Inkscape. I only have three and am looking for a mini-rasp for finer detail.

A part of these Groups View All. Click the button below and you will be redirected to PayPal. So if the print fails on you in those 14 hours, you gotta start all over. From some angles, it reminds me of fine Damascus steel. If you like slingshots or even have a slight fascination with them, you should really check him and the SlingShotChannel out! I suspect that I will have to increase the diameter of this hole after I’ve made one. You are doing good work, Joerg, both in your workshop and in stimulating and entertaining your fans while you are having the best fun.

I hate having to start over.

Lots of rasp work there and the beauty and well balanced look show the effort. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. I’d like to mention that I’ve made several different types of shooters using rubber bands Slingehot use Theraband Gold btw.

Download All Files 44 61 4 0 2 0 0. The Legend Master November 2, at 6: So the option to print two frames is entirely up to you. So back to this slingshot. Anonymous November 6, at Community Forum Software by IP.


Hammerhead Slingshot v by DrPeper – Thingiverse

The hole in the center of the heads are to put a band through and put a ball bearing in the tube to keep it from pulling out. I sell wooden slingshots with metal ones in the worksand build your own Slingshot kits on my Etsy Store and on my website.

Horstel November 1, at 7: Tosh Togo November 3, at 7: Ill soon be the slingshot rep for my town. Powerful slingshot hammerhead rose cap 10 images2 comments Last upload: I intended to print two frames and glue them together for strength.

Greg November 1, at 9: Unique hammerhead slingshot 7 images slingshoh, 1 comments Last upload: Say thanks and help DrPeper continue to share amazing Things with the Thingiverse community.

Anismo November 13, at 8: If you make one, the best thing to use for bands is “theraband gold”.

The holes in the handle are for bamboo skewers to use for alignment. It should still work fine.