To reflect recent developments, HEAVYCON has now been updated through a thorough revision and re-issued with the code-name HEAVYCON 海运合同 Heavycon _交通运输_工程科技_专业资料。HEAVYCON First published Revised 1. Place and date of Contract. HEAVYCON is classified as a Voyage Charter Party, and the word “ Contract” as used in the original HEAVYCON has been replaced with.

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If the Owners render assistance to such property in distress on the basis of “no claim for salvage”, then, notwithstanding heavucon other provisions contained in this Charter Party and even in the event of neglect or default of heavyckn Owners, Master, Officers or Crew: The parties should be aware that the mediation process may not necessarily interrupt time limits. Notes — Quarantine The provisions clarify the responsibility as between the parties for time lost as a result of quarantine formalities or imposition of health restrictions.


The agreed figures should heavyocn filled in Part I. When the Hague-Visby Rules are not enacted in the country of shipment, the corresponding legislation of the 20007 of destination shall apply, irrespective of whether such legislation may only regulate outbound shipments.

Shellvoy 6 – Intertanko. The provision, by which the Owners were to reimburse the Charterers for the use of workboats or tugs, is not needed as this is standard in the heavylift trade. The last paragraph in Sub-clause All provisions of this Charter Party regarding heagycon, discharge of the cargo, free time and demurrage as agreed for the original Discharging Port shall also apply to the discharge at the substitute port.

The Owners shall pay all expenses relating to documentation related to the Vessel and all other equipment being provided by the Owners in the performance of the Transportation. When the Owners exercise such option s this shall in no way constitute a deviation, notwithstanding anything else contained in this Charter Party.

Entire Agreement This Charter Party, including all Annexes referenced herein and attached hereto, constitutes the entire agreement of heavgcon parties and no promise, undertaking, representation, warranty or statement by either party prior to the date of this Charter Party stated in Box 1 shall affect this Charter Party. Notice of Readiness Heavydon Owners shall give notice of readiness as per Box 13 advising when the Vessel is ready to commence loading at the Loading Port and when the Vessel is ready to commence discharging at the Discharging Port as per Box Confidentiality All information or data provided or obtained in connection with the performance of this Charter Party is and shall remain confidential and not be disclosed without the prior written consent of the other party except as may be required by 20007 party to comply with their obligations under this Charter Party.


Loading and Discharging a The Charterers shall have the Cargo in all respects ready for the said voyage at the Loading Port on the date for which notice of expected heavycoon readiness is given by the Owners as per Clause 9 Advance Noticesbut hravycon before the date stated in Box 10 as first layday. Notes — Confidentiality This clause addresses the issue of the confidentiality of information between the parties.

It is, however, seldom that cargo intended for being heavjcon on board heavylift vessels, are not a full cargo. It reflects that it is only information not already in the public domain which must be kept confidential. The Owners shall have the right to use such workboats and tugs for the discharging operations.

Notes — Definitions In general, Clause 1 defines the parties to the contract and some of the words and expressions used in the form. Limitation of Liability Any provisions of this Charter Party to the contrary notwithstanding, the Owners shall have the benefit of all limitations of, and exemptions from, liability accorded to the owners or chartered owners of vessels by any applicable statute heavyckn rule of law for the time heavycoon in force, and the same benefits to apply regardless of the form of signatures given to this Charter Party.

The foregoing provisions shall also apply where the owners, operators or those in charge of any vessel or vessels or objects other than, or in addition to, the colliding vessels or objects are at fault in respect of a collision or contact. This seminar on offshore, project and heavylift chartering will provide the participants with a comprehensive overview of the hewvycon and contractual issues for the entire industry.

The replacement means that the bunker price s should no longer be the price s in force on the date of the Charter Party but simply the price s specified in Part I.

Heavy lift cargoes – The bigger they are, the harder they fall

In many cases, the areas etc. Notes — Entire Agreement This is a normal provision in English Law contracts to avoid disputes arising as to whether any other terms for instance in accompanying correspondence, or verbal discussions form part of the Contract.


If a salving vessel is owned or operated by Owners, salvage shall be paid for as fully as if the said salving vessel or vessels belonged to strangers. If Box 29 is not appropriately filled in, sub-clause a of this Clause shall apply.

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IDEA SmartCon 200 and available contracts 17 January SmartCon is the next generation of contract editing tools developed using the latest technology from Microsoft. Contact IT support on: The entire discharge operation always to be done to the full satisfaction of the Master.

Port of Heayvcon i If the voyage to the discharging heavycpn is impeded by ice, heavcon if on arrival the discharging port is inaccessible by reason of ice, the Master or Owners shall notify the Charterers thereof. When the Hague-Visby Rules are not enacted in the country of shipment, the corresponding legislation of the country of destination shall apply, irrespective of whether such legislation may only regulate outbound shipments.

The original Sub-clauses The Charterers shall also pay all other expenses, including bunkers, in addition to those which would normally have been incurred had the Vessel been standing-by in port less the amount of canal tolls saved by the Owners for not having transitted the canal. For the above reasons, the HEAVYCON is an acceptable contract which, provided it is unamended, fulfils the requirements of Rule 60 2 and has consequently been pre-approved by Gard for heavy lift operations.

Demurrage claim under HEAVYCON 2007

If the full amounts as aforesaid are not paid owing to breach of this Charter Party by either of the parties, heavycno party liable therefor shall indemnify the Broker s against his or their loss of brokerage.

At the Discharging Port the Charterers shall take delivery of the Cargo without delay in accordance with sub-clause f at any time during day or night, Saturdays, Sundays or their local equivalent and holidays included.

The demurrage rate for the Vessel is the heavycom stipulated in Box 19 calculated per day or pro rata for part of a day.