Google’s Android is shaking up the mobile market in a big way. Hello, Android, 3rd Edition. Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform. By Ed Burnette. Hello, Android. Introducing Google’s. Mobile Development Platform, 3rd Edition. Ed Burnette. The Pragmatic Bookshelf. Raleigh, North Carolina Dallas, Texas. eBook Hello, Android Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform, 3rd Edition Ed Burnette The Pragmatic Bookshelf Raleigh, North Carolina Dallas.

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Although the bytecode formats are a little different, Dalvik is essentially a Java virtual machine optimized for low memory requirements.

You’ll see several examples of them in the rest of the book, so I’d like to briefly introduce them now.

Hello, Android, 3rd Edition

Add this to the switch statement in the onClick method: Updating the Location To have Android notify you about location changes, call the requestLo- cationllpdates method on the LocationManager object. The Android plug-in will create the project and fill it in with some default files. Media codecs will be explored in Chapter 5, Multimedia, on pageand content providers will be covered in Chapter 9, Putting SQL to Work, on page Think of this as the tip of the Android iceberg.

Medi aPl ayer ; import android.

Hello, Android, 3rd Edition – O’Reilly Media

If the user presses the Back key at that point, the browser window will go away, and your appli- cation will continue. The last step is to tell the MapView to follow your position in the initMy- Location method. There is no server, no config file, and no need for a database administrator. The idea was quickly copied by other tuird dors such as Microsoft and Yahoo, but the Google version is arguably still the best. If you see a key guard screen, swipe it as htird to unlock.


Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform by Ed Burnette

These technologies, in combi- nation with trends such as the burntte of broadband mobile Inter- net and the exponential growth of computing power and storage, are going to revolutionize the way we interact with computers and edotion each other.

All the information there — names, addresses, phone numbers, and so forth — can be shared by any application that wants to use it. The version you down- load may be different from the one I used when writing this book, and it may contain a few, shall we say, idiosyncrasies. In Android, the display screen is taken up by an Activity, which hosts a View, which in turn hosts a Canvas. I would say this book is now fairly dated with 4. That means that the e is now up-to-date for tablets such as the Kindle Fire.

Save sound effects in a compressed format that Android can play. In addi- tion to manual, position-at-a-time updates, you can use a recorded path read from an external file. Very impressed with this book so far. Because this is the third edition of the book, I have a pretty good idea where most people run into trouble. The algorithm used here is that as soon as the user types a let- ter, a delayed request is started.

Freshly added material covers installing applications to the SD card, tird multi-touch, and creating live wallpaper. We haven’t said much about the Android Service class, but you may have seen it androie in some music-playing examples on the Web. That could be your own program running on all those devices. I’ve tried other “advanced” books on thidr but never follow completely, losing track after the first few chapters. Part III digs deeper into the Android platform.

Hello, Android (3rd edition): Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform

Usually a clue to the problem is waiting for you in the LogCat view. We can accomplish this in several ways: Freshly added material covers installing applications to the SD card, supporting multi-touch, and creating live wallpaper. That’s the method I’ll use in EventsData and other classes in this chapter. Returns true burnwtte it worked, false otherwise. They let you see some of what is underneath the object being drawn in the foreground.


Read 3rd edition fromhad trouble getting some of the examples to run.

ExecutorService ; import java. Finally, we call the startActivityl method to request that this action be performed. Do you really want to make a web service request for every character?

Next define the Prefs class, and make it extend PreferenceActivity: View; i mport and roi d. Arranges its children in a single column or row.

On your standard Linux or Windows desktop, you can have many appli- cations running and visible at once in different windows. This is the same proxy server you use for your web browser, but unfortunately Eclipse isn’t smart enough to pick up the setting from editipn. Good intro book if this is the first time you face with android.

This book will be read many times. Description Resources Extracts Author. Support for a variety of input methods is included such as keyboard, touch, and trackball. In this example, there are no restrictions. For example, you could add some fireworks when the player solves the puzzle or make the tiles spin around like Vanna White does. So, what do we have to change to do that?

This shuts down the activity and returns control to the next burnettte on the Android application stack usually the Home screen.