56 always seemed to me an unclear hexagram.. fire on the top of mountain doesn’t light very far.. it works mostly so that someone is to be. Hi there, I have just asked about the status of the relationship of a friend with his lover and got the following hexagrams. Radiance The hexagram means a peak experience. It describes the wandering of a cyclic motion from the stability of its centre to an extreme of its ambit. Extreme.

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Because the travel is in a high place, it is just to be destroyed. Splitting-off one’s place, grasping calamity. Hexayrama issue could go either way. Plotinus — The Enneads. Home of the Cerulean Dragon. Therefore it is said in the Commentary on the Decision, “The yielding attains the middle outside,” and also, “Keeping still and adhering to clarity.

There is a while as the sun is over the sea level horizon but not the mountain top when the night is replaced by the dawn’s light but not yet full daylight. Although magnetic, the fifth line is in the center of the upper trigram of Clarity and Intelligence.

Concerning the Image, K’ung Ying-ta comments: A relationship is 5 union of souls, designed to teach you unconditional love. Inwardly, the wanderer knows that it is sometimes not so easy to discern the intentions of strangers.

This field should be left blank. Don’t waste your energy on unimportant matters. Used to sing this song all the time in thrcar with my dad my nan and family.

I Ching Hexagram #56:

He loses the loyalty of his young servant. After the zenith of the previous hexagram, there usually follows an anti-climax where the atmosphere becomes uncertain again. Line six is dynamic in a magnetic place at the outer limit of the trigram of Clarity — he will be arrogant and violent, the opposite of what a wanderer should be, and the issue will be evil.


In the beginning it may not seem so bad but later one hexaggrama remorse and realizes the consequences of their actions. The status of traveling stranger is seen as too low to expect great things of them. Li, flame, goes hexgrama, Ken, the mountain, presses downward; their union is only temporary.

This state of mind leaves you feeling uneasy — knowing you must move on, and yet hexagrwma to protect and hold intact that which you have already accomplished. A bird, as a creature of the air, the realm of thought, can symbolize an idea or concept.

Note that the idea of the fifth line being the ruler’s seat is dropped here as being alien to the idea of the hexagram. With such servants she will in the end have nothing of which to complain. He is still not at ease.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #56 –

Have faith in the Work. One will also be injured. The figure addresses itself to traveling strangers, and tells them how they ought to comport themselves through the cultivation of humility and firm correctness. If the wanderer busies himself with trivial things, he draws down misfortune upon himself. He would not listen to the truth about the course to be pursued. My Uncle used to sing it as his song at Christmas hexagramma when he was drunk This just now for a scenario hexxagrama with absolutely zilch money hexagrams and to know what to do Rolling along – absolutely but where to is the problem???

Two of the very best are free. Line one is magnetic in a dynamic place at the bottom of the hexagram, thus the unfavorable auspice.


Restless in travel, this is the misfortune you get. The image of the Quiet Inn implies taking a rest. It might equally well be called the “God within us.

Jung — Psychology and Alchemy A.

There is a gift to receive. We are strangers in this world, and the body is the tomb of the soul, and yet we must not seek to escape by self- murder; for we are the chattels of God who is our herdsman, and without his command we have no right to make our escape.

56: The Wanderer

For now, the vistas open before you and like the Fool in the Tarot deck, it is time for an adventure. He treats those below him his servants with arrogance, which of course alienates them from him. A synthesis is only tentative — gains are vulnerable to loss. You may have the hdxagrama to experience an entirely new way of life.

I Ching Hexagram 56 – Lu (The Wanderer) | Cafe au Soul

Jonas — The Gnostic Religion A. Ken mountain is a hostel, Li fire is the wanderer who does not tarry there long but must push on. That rings a bell Take your pick. One has not gotten a position.

gexagrama Thereby his will is spent, and this is a misfortune. Line two is magnetic, but in her proper and central place. Being stern to the helper in traveling is an invitation to loss. The fifth line counsels a kind of sacrifice to the ruler the Self which results in an eventual reward.