Jack McDevitt is a skilled but uneven storyteller. His best work is found in his series of novels featuring Priscilla Hutchins. While the Hutchins series tends to be . The luxury space yacht Polaris carried an elite group of the wealthy and curious thousands of light-years from Earth to witness a spectacular stellar phenomenon . Minor Spoiler Alert! Polaris is second of Jack McDevitt’s series of novels about Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath – and it is probably the best of.

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It does have a good opening scene, and has flashes of Good McDevitt space archaeology, cool gadgets. Jack McDevitt Narrated by: The space ship Polaris is the center for a mystery, where 60 years years earlier the whole crew just disappeared while watching two stars col This is the second book about Alex Benedict, the antiquity dealer some years into the future.

But when Alex and his partner, Chase Kolpath, begin investigating jxck sixty-year-old disappearance of the entire crew of the Polarispeople start trying to mcdevitr them.

I am definitely going to give the series a bit of a break, and am undecided if I will continue on in the future, despite my enjoyment of the first two installments. David Brin Narrated by: A competently wrought but rather pallid adventure for a sleuthing duo that could have used personality transplants; the whole thing reads like a long-abandoned, recently refurbished draft.

In this series View all Polaria 3.

Polaris (Alex Benedict, #2) by Jack McDevitt

Democracy is the primary political system. They flared into brilliance, then disappeared, replaced by an empty black barrier. Chase remarks that the police on Rimway are unused to investigating crime because the crime rate is jacj low.


As had happened many times before, the most primal human instincts rose up, only this time armed with the advanced scientific knowledge to create a genetically engineered smart virus that quickly wiped out humanity pilaris the last man. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Item s unavailable for purchase.

A museum explosion, apparently an assassination attempt on a dictator who Chase thought charming wipes out the majority of Polaris artifacts. Emily Woo Zeller Length: Oct 25, Pages Buy. Chase Kolpath, a beautiful woman in her early 30’s works for him, serving as assistant, broker, lunch partner and most importantly as his pilot. It is a very well-told tale that also involves a thoughtful scientific dilemma.

Especially if there was any indication at all that something might be wrong? Jack McDevitt brings back the daring Alex Benedict from A Talent for Warthrusting him into a far-future tale of mystery and suspense that will lead the prominent antiquities dealer to the truth about an abandoned space yacht called the Polaris.

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It is also the only novel of the group that is told from the point of view of Alex Benedict; the others are all from Chase Kolpath’s point of view. Otherwise, society is much like that of America from about onwards. I think that this kind of problem comes from forcing something into the story that doesn’t really belong. You’ll also get really angry when they do things straight out of an Austin Powers movie “A.

In this, and the previous novel in the series, “A Talent for War,” McDevitt rises to the challenge, coming to grips with factors beyond greed that expose the flaws in this polsris paradise. Nebula Award Nominee for Best Novel I finished it, but barely, and only by skimming the dull parts.


Featuring the Christian faith in a story set centuries mcdeviyt the future is also a big plus. There are a few times in the novel when it seems like McDevitt dumbs down his characters in order to allow them to get into a dangerous situation.

Polaris (Audiobook) by Jack McDevitt |

Avoid if you’re lukewarm on McDevitt, and start with hesitation and low expectations if you’re a fan. It is 30 years from now, mxdevitt we have colonized the moon.

So that part in both this story and the last was hard to stomach. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. She also spent too much time reflecting on her effect on men.

It is also the only novel of the group that is told from the point of view of Alex Benedict; the others are all from Chase Kolpath’s point of view. Good read, analogy to Sherlock Holmes can not be denied. Please review your cart.


The End of All Things 3: Once Homo sapiens reigned supreme, spreading from star system to star system in an empire that encountered no alien life and thus knew no enemy For those who think that having a government dole is a bad thing, it works in this society because people still crave money, fame and power, just like they do now. Hardcoverpages. Their pilot was a beautiful middle-aged flier who had her own following of lovers and wannabes, a very romantic and heroic figure.