The Anome (Durdane, #1), The Brave Free Men, The Asutra (Durdane, #3), and Durdane. One of life’s great pleasures is hunting out old Jack Vance paperbacks. Wherever we are, if I spot a second hand book shop and can spare a. The Demon Princes was the first major series Jack Vance wrote—or at least started. Begun in with The Star King, the effort proved difficult.

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Vance known for his odd transportation devices, the balloon-ways of Durdane are among his most unique. To do this he must petition the Faceless Man the titular Anomethe unseen ruler of Shant who controls the population through explosive collars around their necks.

Durdane series – Wikipedia

Etzwane lives with his mother with whom he is very close. But there is a high price to pay. Zijn heerschappij heeft weinig om het lijf, hij deelt alleen straffen uit: Durdane is a planet colonized thousands of years before by Earth renegades and it has evolved as a complex society with many durdahe lands and cultures. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jafk they are bound to irrevocable destinies by the proclamations of the Faceless Man-an unseen power which terrorises and controls the world.

Published first published The multiple view-point narratives allowed him to explore levels of success and failure, and to weave in patterns durvane set back and victory for the main characters to drive the narrative.


The roguskhoi have been traced to their source the Asutra, spidery-squiddy aliens that can infiltrate the body of a human being and control their actions and driven from Durdane.

Etzwane seeks out the Faceless man to discover why and to try to get him to take action. The Anome doesn’t do anything about it, presumably because organizing an army between all his weird little cults would be too disruptive. Tot zijn geluk overleeft hij de jacht en hij wordt opgenomen door een troep rondtrekkende muzikanten. BTW, my previous prediction comparing it to Anathem was wrong. My previous rating of The Anome was a 3 or “Liked it.

This is the second time I’ve read this series and I liked it even better this time. He maintains control by virtue of the torca ring of explosive placed around the neck of every adult in Shant. This is one of many societies in the land of Shant, rules by the Faceless Man, where all citizens where an explosive torc around their necks. The plot is a bit slow but picks up towards the end, when it becomes a pageturner supreme! Matthew rated it really liked it Sep 08, But what of Ifness?

Invadozer Misothorax Circular-thallus Popewaffensquat rated it really liked it Jan 03, Alfons rated it really liked it Feb 26, Maybe I’ll have to replace that rotten tooth in my collection using Amazon sellers They rule the Chilite people who live in the country of Shant on the planet of Durdane. When he returns to Caraz, he collects Ifness’s boat and returns to Garwiy on Shant to discover what has happened to his ally.


Etwane finding himself in ever stranger situations, places, and planets, the joy of adventure is upon him, but may take his life in the process as he gets to the bottom of the grand mystery. This came to an abrupt end when the solution of the Anome was imposed upon all of them by the first to hold that title. I prefer to hunt my Vance in the wild rather than purchase farm-reared Vance from Amazon sellers – the hunt is part of the thrill, and life is long so why use it all up at once?

The Asutra also brought a more satisfying conclusion to the Durdane Chronicles.

Durdane series

This first installment is quite interesting. In this regard he’s more of a Vancian wizard, in particular of Shimrod from the Lyonesse series who acts under principles enforced by the master magician Murgen. A good book, in classic Vance style an individual, fighting for his beliefs in a strange society in a far away planet but obviously only the first part of the trilogy; must keep reading!

Jul 29, D. No trivia or quizzes yet. Als hij ontsnapt aan een zware straf wegens heiligschennis, stuurt Grote Man Osso vleesetende ahulfs achter hem aan!