Tsongkhapa Lobzang Drakpa (tsong kha pa blo bzang grags pa) was born in the .. Elevating Tsong Khapa’s Disciples: Khedrup Je and the Jey Yabsey Sum. Biography. Je Tsongkhapa Lobsang Drakpa, popularly known as ‘Je Rinpoche’, was born in the Tsongkha region of Amdo, East Tibet in Tsongkhapa, one of the most important figures in the philosophy and history of In addition to copious citations from traditional Indian Buddhist literature, Je.

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The story of Lama Tsongkhapa — continues to fascinate and inspire not only followers of the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, which he founded, but illustrious lamas from other lineages as well — viz.

Gyalwa Mikyo Dorje, the eighth Karmapa. Lama Tsongkhapa Day marks the anniversary of the parinirvana of this important teacher who was born in the Amdo region of eastern Tibet and spent many years traveling from one monastery or yogic hermitage to another in search of the various lineages of the Buddhist teachings.

Much has been written about and by this extraordinary teacher, whose arrival in the world was forecast by Buddha himself.

As a young boy in a previous incarnation he offered Buddha Shakyamuni a clear crystal rosary and received a conch shell in return. The Buddha prophesied that the boy would be born in Tibet, would found a great monastery [Ganden], would present a crown to the statue of Buddha in Lhasa, and tskngkhapa be instrumental in the flourishing of the doctrine in Tibet.


The Mahasiddha Je Tsongkhapa

All this occurred exactly as the Buddha had prophesied. Our grabbing ego made this body manifest, come out. However, instead of looking at it negatively, ue should regard it as precious.

We know that our body is complicated, but from the Dharma point of view, instead of putting ourselves down with self-pity, we should appreciate and take advantage of it. We should use it in a good way. Mandala Archive Mandala for December. The Life and Times of Je Tsongkhapa.

The Life and Times of Je Tsongkhapa – Mandala Publications

Lama Tsongkhapa as mahasiddha. Is the World Ready to Understand? Is It Really a Problem? An Interview with Ven. An Interview with Dinty W. Gene Smith Obituaries Engaged Buddhism: April A Genuine Guru: Sadness, Joy, Inspiration and Blessings.

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Tsongkhapa Lobzang Drakpa

Who are you and where can you be found? Who is making this decision anyway? You are Being Watched. Geshe Thubten Chonyi Jw March-April Useful Meeting Ven. Skye Banning, Australia Home Truths: September-October How St.

Lozang Chodzin, 25, New Zealander Ven. Holly Ansett23, Australian Ven.

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Geshe Pal Tsering Home Truths: It Takes Time Leprosy in Bodhgaya: Tag cloud advice advice from lama zopa rinpoche animals centers dharma in the modern world fpmt history fpmt projects his holiness the dalai lama holy objects interview khadro-la kopan monastery lama yeshe lama yeshe wisdom archive lama zopa rinpoche light tsongkhala the path living in the path long life puja media tsonngkhapa nepal earthquake newsletter photo gallery practicing dharma in daily life retreat teachings and advice tenzin osel hita twitter video teachings your community.