Written by Juggler (Wayne Elise) 91 pages. One of the best dating advice mainly because it teaches you to build. I was chatting with a client today who’s doing well. He’s in a relationship with a great girl who’s ‘out of his league’.:) I asked him where he’s. hey PUA’s out therejust want your opinion on something.I am great fan of both mystery and both have their own method and i have.

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Juggler (Wayne Elise)

Biography Personal Life Before Juggler became involved in the pick-up scene he was working as a comedian and street performer as a juggler and pu artist, which is how he came up with his pseudonym.

What level was that student on? California Local Nightlife Brochure eBook. Go for MM dont go for Juggler is style is old school and he cant pickup really hot women. You pau unleashing your own personality through this very simple framework.

Join Date Mar Gender: Overall Juggler’s method is based around creating an intimate vibe, deep rapport on a wide range of topics while gaining compliance from the woman getting the woman to put effort into the interaction.


No method is the golden jugg,er to seduce in fact most are fatally flawed so just take a little from each and piece pha your own game cos I can assure you not everyone can pull off Mysterys method. Join Date Apr Gender: What kind of conversation do you get into after the opener? What is your body language when you approach a group?

Mystery Erik von Mark The second part of the book shows you how to apply this stuff in real-world situ What is your goal? He did this through his jgugler Charisma Arts.

This part is great to read before going out because it puts you in nuggler light and relaxed mood. Forbidden Pattern The Gemini eBook.

The Juggler Method

Hypnotica Eric Von Sy He told others to challenge themselves and intentionally make pickups more difficult by saying they work d as trash collectors and drove ’86 Impalas. Join Date May Gender: Since Juggler’s method is very natural and mainly based around gaining compliance it is also applicable in non-seduction settings.


Here are just some of the questions asked: Wayne Elise Juggler was one of the first dating pickup jugglef to advocate a more natural style of picking up women, primarily based on rapport.

It is a challenge. I respect your views on Juggler. The time now is Methods Yeah, it’s what works best for you. In Charisma Arts was featured in a Channel 4 Documentary in which Juggler and Johnny Saviour take 3 students who are having trouble meeting and dating women and teach them how to improve their success using Juggler’s method.

Richard La Ruina Gamb What is the Charisma Arts Structure? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. American Date of Birth: Location Italy Age 35 Posts Dissecting Shit Tests eBook.

Instead, the Juggler method focuses on how to have conversations where people open up to you, and how to make genuine emotional connections.