The Well of Shades: Book Three of the Bridei Chronicles. Juliet Marillier, Author. Tor $ (p) ISBN The winner of the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel returns with this stunning third volume of the epic ‘Bridei Chronicles’. Book III of the Bridei Chronicles from Juliet Marillier begins with the trusted bodyguard/assassin of White Hill—Faolan—already well on his journey into the land.

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When not writing, she is active in animal rescue and has her own small pack julite needy dogs. Just a heads up Upon doing this, he rescues Deord’s daughter, Eile and granddaughter, Thf from imminent shads. I thought writing about her feelings, her thoughts, and her determination was the absolute right way to approach something like this or the easiest way anyway – lucky she was a strong girl.

It’s one of the few that I keep coming back to to check and see if a fourth book has been planned. Megan from Western Australia I deeply enjoyed reading the Well of Shadows but feel that the end is not complete. He sends Faolan, his most trusted advisor who is also a master assassin and spymaster out into the world to ferret out the truth of who is friend and who is foe.

Feb 16, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: Still a good read.


The Well of Shades by Juliet Marillier book review

Eile is a true heroine. I would like to point out that Marillier’s use of them is sparse and essential to the plot s. Foalan will make such a good Dad for Saraid.

His wish to unite his kingdom seems almost within his grasp but there are forces working to undo his dream. But the other part of me Sep 27, Paige rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ebook Buy Audible eBooks. Explora e shadew mais surpresas sobre Fortriu no site oficial da escritora: Sent home to Ireland on a secret mission for King Bridei of Fortriu, Faolan must first deliver the news of a brave warrior’s death.

I deeply enjoyed reading the Well of Shadows but feel that the end is not complete. In this series Book 1. This book was wonderfully written and a great read. My only complaint is that when marilloer story jumped away from Faolan and Eile I was so frustrated–they were too interesting to leave them for even a half-chapter.

Faolan quickly comes to realize that his duty may take him even farther with this girl than he had planned. I did not care as much for the first two books of the Bridei Chronicles.

The Well of Shades by Juliet Marillier

Of course, these things do not always go as planned and Faolan finds his path interwoven with the tiny yet terrifying Eile. A Court of Frost and Starlight. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Mas para que pagam aos revisores?! Since his first brief and yet totally memorable appearance wrll The Dark Mirror, Faolan intrigued me, and while I’m pretty sure that happened mostly because he was so mysterious, was clearly a wounded character with a dark past my favorite typealong the series he became more and more fascinating because there are just so many layers to him and I wanted to know them all, sob with joy, and thank the Gods for Juliet Marillier.


I started this series expecting, like all fantasy novels, to contain bits about this and of that, including romance. His wish to unite his kingdom seems almost within his grasp but there are forces working to undo his dream.

It’s not a traditional love story but still! She was awful to the core and her priorities were so screwed up.

The Well of Shades

Both have honestly gone through hell. Accustomed to a life of huliet and struggle, she finds herself facing an unfamiliar world, full of new lessons. Tales of Silver Downs.

Please review your cart. Marillier’s writing gets personal as she blames Anda’s character for not stopping her husband from abusing Eile.