You could learn about Kasina meditation from “Visuddhimagga (Path the create “Earth Kasina”(object) and describe how to do the meditation. Helo. some peoples say Kasina meditations are right to attain jhanas. some other peoples are skeptical and they say it is the right way: Nimitta. I have been reading “Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond”, and Ajahn Brahm very briefly (one sentence) refers to kasina meditation. I went and.

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Did you look in the Visuddhimagga? This is not what I am. You can use any word that appeals or feels relevant, but English only has limited words for things like light, the colours, water etc.

I can feel wetness on my tongue, I’m quite warm on my left side where there is heater, earth in the solidness of kasima seat, etc. Keep observing the new image and noting the characteristic. Select a comfortable posture and the Do Mindful Meditation page has a look at the four styles to help you select one, although sitting, standing or reclining are the best types.

Some images you can enlarge, some won’t – it meditayion on the type and the person. Details for Kasina Meditation Ask Question. As it is all relative to each person there is no distinctly right or wrong, there is simply ones that will be effective and ones that won’t.

3 Ways to Practice Kasina Meditation – wikiHow

Post as a guest Name. An example was someone gazing at a display of flowers noticed that a certain colour stood out vastly more apparent than the others, even when they closed their eyes. Nimitta the sign should be develop by Anapanasati meditation. The Reflection on the Material Elements And further, monks, a monk reflects on this very jeditation, however it be placed or disposed, by way of the material elements: Buddhist Meditation Print Edit Send fan mail to authors.


Find yourself a quiet place with minimal disturbances if where you are is no longer suitable. Its recommended you protect the image as something most precious and to observe it silently with word-less awareness. People who have been good meditaton hidden picture puzzles or other optical puzzles have a head start as they are already familiar with persistent focus. We know that this universe is the samsara. Cookies make wikiHow better. Eventually kasinw image will arise from it, it might appear floating in front of the disc, or be the reverse image of it.

The cultivation of calm or tranquility and the development kaisna concentration. This concentrates on air. Common history tells the story of a man who spent 40 days in the desert and developed the earth kasina and some monks spend many months on the subject.

And how is one not negligent of kazina Many kasina meditation skeptical persons say kasina is not here in the suttas.

Dhamma Wheel

The four great existents and the form derived from them. I did this for myself, and was astounded by the results. But the correct meaning is the solid. This is able to turn one substance into another, to extend a product the Visuddhimagga tells the story of a husband and wife who fed a huge crowd out of a cup of pancake batter by extending it and finally solidification – the ability to turn liquids into solids such as walking on water.


This link goes into detail about how to construct and use a colored-wheel kasina device. Anapanasathi is not included into Kasina Meditation. The Four Noble Truths 2.

reference request – Details for Kasina Meditation – Buddhism Stack Exchange

How does one concentrate on the object? We found the teaching of the Buddha. Kasina meditations taught by kasnia Buddha or no? All practitioners will vary subtly and in the same way they need to choose the right one for themselves if a qualified instructor cannot recommend one for them. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

This is relative, but choose a chair that is fairly low and will not strain the neck and the kasina should be close enough to be able to focus firmly on it, so neither too close nor too far. Usually we use clay which use to make Bricks.

Out of the 40 meditation subjects the Buddha taught and encouraged, Kasina meditations take up 10 of them. Jeff Wright 6 Application effects of the four Brahma Viharas, also known as goodwillcompassionappreciative joy and equanimity.

During the meditation the meditater use self created Solid object.