REFERENCE: Y REFERENCE: Katalog Metalnog Novca , by Ranko Mandic, Belgrade, FOOTNOTE: The Great War () brought to. Katalog metalnog novca Jugoslavije i jugoslovenskih zemalja: Front Cover. Ranko Mandić. Balcan Numismatic Heritage, – pages. Katalog metalnog novca jugoslavije i jugoslevenskih zemalja, By Ranko Mandić. About this book · Get Textbooks on Google Play. Rent and save.

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Po sve- Iron bar with a thicker middle section. The upper part of the body is decorated with an annular band below which there is a horizontal line that also encircles the body of a vessel.

Ne- It appears to be a fragment of a knife, probably its blade. It is impossible to date the item without a context. Since this type of nails is used during the entire period of the Roman Empire, and later, they cannot be precisely dated.

There are no traces of decoration on the surface.

Hrvatska numizmatika – dobrodošli na središnje mjesto hrvatske numizmatike.

Remember me on this computer. Unutarnja strana is preserved, but there are no visible traces of decora- je plosnata, dok je vanjska zaobljena.


They were probably used during the entire existence of the settlement. Izgledom odgovara malim alatkama koje su inter- ted as scraping iron i. Due to the fragmentary condition, it is im- role, pa i na cjedila. Na gemi su vidljivi tragovi graviranja, worn out at its ends. Elongated iron fragment of undefined purpose.

Log In Sign Up. On the opposite si- des of the outer wall of the ring two protrusions were preserved, possibly traces of a repair work.

L 5,5 cm; W 3,2 cm; M 20 g; bakrena slitina; 2. Probably a handle of a strainer. Small iron fragment, found in the surface layer. The blade is tilted at a slight angle in regard to the central eye. Tools, implements, vessels and decorative items, catalogue. Pretpostavlja se uporaba u tesarstvu. This pick has a narrow blade, slightly expan- ded at the end, and a circular central eye for fitting the Tools, implements, vessels and decorative items, catalogue I.

The iron pendulum is preserved as well.

Skip to main content. Krajevi su Small folded piece of iron, with its ends damaged.

The korodirala te nema vidljivih tragova finije obrade. Help Center Find new research papers in: Completely preserved iron pick.


Katalog metalnog novca Jugoslavije i jugoslevenskih zemalja, 1700-1994

Due to the poor condition of the surface of the katalgo, neither the fine finishing nor the traces of decorations are visible. Ukoliko je u pitanju Irregularly shaped iron nugget. Partly preserved rim re. L 20 cm; W 1 cm; M 51 g; iron; 2nd—5th century.

Curved moulded rim is decorated with vertical cuts. In this particular case, the pick comes from the backfill SU Sl. Uporabna keramika lokalne proizvodnje: According to their dimen- sions they were probably used for construction pur- poses. By the context katzlog u 3. Typologically, it is a tool that does not have stojanja naselja.

The pit in which it was found is radiometrijskom metodom od The outer surface is smooth, without ornamentation, while A tip of razdoblje.