TITUS Codex: Die altpolnischen Predigten Kazania Świętokrzyskie On the basis of the editions by. P. Diels, Die altpolnischen Predigten aus. ZABYTKU. Czym są Kazania Świętokrzyskie? kazaniami średniowiecznymi spisanymi; w języku polskim;. uznawane są za najstarsze polskie. Kazania Świętokrzyskie. Public. · Hosted by Chór Oktoich. Interested. clock. Sunday, June 29, at PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. Klasztor w.

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Holy Cross Sermons

Views Read Edit View history. Most likely, other parts of the sermons were used in bindings of other books.

They manifest a variety of linguistic archaisms, for instance:. The sermons were first published inin a “Philological Works” “Prace Filologiczne” magazine. Infacsimiles of the text were published by the Polish Academy of Learningswitokrzyskie innew, full edition of the sermons was issued, prepared by professor Pawel Stepien.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 31 Marchat The Holy Cross Sermons Polish: Even though Aleksander Bruckner claimed that the text was originally housed at the Holy Cross Monastery, this hypothesis has been criticized by some scholars.


Catherine’s Day November 25and parts of sermons for the following days:. The strips contain whole sermon for St. In the binding of the book, Bruckner to his surprise found eighteen long strips. He was studying an ancient Latin codex, kzania had belonged to the Warsaw University library, and was confiscated by the Russians after the November Uprising Linguistically, the Holy Cross Sermons reflect an older stage of the language than the 14th century, the manuscript being a copy of original sermons composed some time from the end of the 13th century.

Kazania świętokrzyskie | Polish sermons |

PetersburgRussian Empire. Retrieved from ” https: After putting them together, it turned out that they contained one whole, and five incomplete sermons.

This practice was common at the time, as parchment was both durable and expensive, so publications regarded kaaznia unnecessary or unimportant were frequently used to strengthen other, more precious books. At that time, this monastery was made of monks of Czech and German origin, who either did not speak Polish, or spoke it poorly, and who were unable to write down the complicated text.


Articles containing Polish-language text. They were brought back to Poland in Written on parchment, they had been cut into thin strips and used to reinforce the binding of a 15th-century Latin manuscript.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The sermonson the occasions of Church holy days, comprise fragments of five texts and one complete sermon for St. Some time in the 15th century, the jazania were cut into strips, which were used to strengthen the binding of a Latin language codex.