Kenneth Kaunda was born in Chinsali, the Northern Province of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). Kaunda was a qualified teacher and taught. Kenneth Kaunda is a Zambian revolutionary and politician who served as the first president of the country. This biography profiles his childhood. Find Kenneth Kaunda biography and history on AllMusic – Kaunda is, of course, better known as the.

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While avoiding a successful coup — characteristic of West African states in the s and s — Kaunda continually faced sectional and ethnic biograhpy in the country, despite single-party rule in the s.

Kaunda confidently predicted that he would win, and he toured the country urging voters to support him. Please help by adding reliable sources. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Completed inthis was the only route for bulk trade which did not have to transit white-dominated territories. He served a brief term in prison for a political offense, visited Britain as a guest of the anticolonialist Labour Party, and broke with the ANC in While he had been known for his vehement opposition to apartheid in South Africahis critics were increasingly emboldened to speak out against his authoritarian rule, and also questioned his competence.

Matters quickly came to a head in the summer of While expressing willingness to have the Zambian people vote on a multiparty system, Kaunda maintained that only a one-party state could prevent tribalism and violence from engulfing the country.

Kaunda, Kenneth ( ) | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed

Kaunda mounted a challenge, and his citizenship was restored the next year when the petition that generated the court ruling was withdrawn. It was impossible to stop this once it started, and it is impossible for us to go back now.

Kaunda himself was roundly defeated by MMD challenger Frederick Chilubataking only 24 percent of the vote to Chiluba’s 75 percent.


This section of a biography of a living person does not include any references or sources. It is likely, however, that the well-known Kaunda and the members of his United National Independence Party will remain vital forces in Zambian politics and outspoken critics of the new regime.

Britain accepted that Africans would have to be given more power than the federal government…. In Kaunda and Nkumbula were imprisoned for two months with hard labour for distributing subversive literature; such imprisonment and other forms of harassment were normal rites of passage for African nationalist leaders.

By September, however, opposition demands forced Kaunda to reverse course. Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States —. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Nevertheless, interparty political violence occurred during the elections ofin which Kaunda and his party were returned to power.

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. They remained married until her death in Since parliamentary elections took place at the same time, there was great pressure placed on parliamentary candidates to “campaign” for a “Yes” vote for Kaunda, in addition to their own campaigns.

While there were disagreements between Kaunda and U.

One of the issues in the campaign was a plan by Kaunda to turn over one quarter of the nation’s land to Maharishi Mahesh Yogian Indian guru who promised that he would use it for a network of utopian agricultural enclaves that proponents said would create “heaven on earth”.

Privacy Policy Manage Cookies. The Central Committee could veto any candidate for any reason.

Kenneth Kaunda | Biography & History | AllMusic

He would ride his bicycle for hundreds of miles singing his songs. President of Zambia — Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States —65who preserved the Union during the American…. Thank You for Your Contribution! Unfortunately this nationalisation policy was ill-timed. The franchise was to be determined by existing property and literacy qualifications, dropping race altogether. Resistance to federation resulted in another prison term for Kaunda and then to the formation of the United National Independence Party UNIP that delivered independence in to an ultimately unfederated Northern Rhodesia.


Retrieved 11 June From onward, his rule became increasingly autocratic. Early in the following year the British government announced that formal decolonization of Zambia would commence. Meanwhile, the anti-white minority insurgency conflicts of southern Africa continued to place a huge economic burden on Zambia as white minority governments were the country’s main trading partners. Africa South of the Sahara, Europa, Kenneth Kaunda served as the first President of independent Zambia See the events in life of Kenneth Kaunda in Chronological Order.

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He met with P. He was at the forefront of the struggle for independence from British rule.

His father was the Reverend David Kaunda, an ordained Church of Scotland missionary and teacher, who was born in Nyasaland now Malawi and had moved to Chinsali to work at Lubwa Mission. Kanda was released from prison by the colonial government on January 8, Zambia portal Biography portal.

He even went so far as to name Zambian streets in Saddam’s honour. Unknown to many, Kenneth Kaunda wrote bography about the independence he hoped to achieve. Nkumbula’s allegedly autocratic leadership of the ANC eventually resulted in a split.

When he went over the allotted time, organizers tried to get him to step away from the podium. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

While investing large sums in the mining sector, the government neglected agriculture while nevertheless having to spend increasing sums on subsidized food for the urban poor.