Published: (); Ōkina katsuji no Sanseidō kokugo jiten / By: Kindaichi, Kyōsuke. Shin meikai kokugo jiten / Kindaichi Kyōsuke [et al.]. 新明解国語 辞典. Results 1 – 30 of Jitsuyao shin kokugo jiten penji fudejun Eigo tsuki by Sanseido and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Product description. ” Seventh edition official app SANSEIDO Japanese dictionary ” is a Buy Sanseido Kokugo Jiten 7th edition -Sanseido Japanese- Japanese Dictionary-: Read Apps & Games Reviews –

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The entries include many colloquialisms that were missed or ignored by other lexicographers. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Although the large single-volume dictionaries are the best general references on the Japanese language, their weight and bulk make them unwieldy and unportable. This dictionary is a bit difficult to categorize, for it is larger than the other dictionaries in this group aboutheadwords on pages kokigo to around 60, entries on to pages for the typical smaller kokugo dictionary and because its entries are often longer and place more emphasis on real-life, rather than invented, citations.

Kokugo Dictionaries as Tools for Learners: Problems and Potential

I can only assume that this editorial capitulation was the result of inadequate scholarly consensus on how to determine the origins of Japanese words. In addition to providing a general definition of a word, this editor sometimes added personal commentaries reflecting his experience and philosophy, making the otherwise bland definitions an enjoyable and at times philosophical reading. This dictionary seems in many ways a clone of Daijirin. The publisher claims about one-third of the entries have been revised.

In my experience as a translator of jiteh Japanese, though, I have found Koujien less useful than Daijirin. Abstract For second-language learners, monolingual dictionaries can be useful tools because they often provide more detailed explanations of meanings and more extensive vocabulary coverage than bilingual dictionaries do. Japanese dictionaries Lexicography Sanseido books.

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A third problem with this dictionary is one that afflicts all of us: They appear, though, at a heavy price to what I, for one, want most in a dictionary: There is little point in praising this dictionary, as it is clearly the best available, so I will mention just a few areas where it could be even better.


This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat It also follows Daijirin’s practice of putting the contemporary meanings first in its definitions.

Mine has nothing like that. In terms of kanji, there is a nice mode where you can look up characters by stroke count though apparently not by radical which is my preferenceand each Kanji shows animated stroke order and has links to some related words though I wish there was more links and related words.

The lexicography of English. In case of claims by third parties, authors commit their self to defend the interests of the publisher, and shall cover any potential costs.

Japanese Mobile App Review: Sanseido’s Gendai Shin Kokugo Jiten (三省堂現代新国語辞典) – Self Taught Japanese

For many people, especially those who use kokugo dictionaries mainly to determine the right kanji for a particular word, a smaller dictionary is more than adequate. These tables would probably be especially useful for teachers and students of Japanese. Nihongo Daijiten’s definitions in Japanese are noticeably shorter than in Daijirin, Daijisen, or Koujien, and, despite being as large and heavy as the others, Nihongo Daijiten has significantly fewer entries and pages, the thicker paper and larger pictures having taken their toll.

The last volume includes two useful indexes, one of all of the jukugo in the jitem arranged by stroke count of the first kanji and the other of the jukugo listed by modern pronunciation.

Stroke count lookup sounds like you are using a paper dictionary! After all, if I am going to go there, there is probably a large number of competing Japanese dictionary apps.

In any case, the dictionary, while definitely atypical in many of its definitions, is still aimed at the general reader. While all of the big dictionaries are advertised as gifts for recent graduates and newlyweds, this one seems most consciously designed to appeal to the casual, unintellectual consumer. If I was really desperate, I could have just paid the high cost to use internet on the plane, though that would have exceeded the cost of this dictionary to use it for more than a few minutes.


Rather than state definitively the probable origin of a word, the editors decided merely to repeat what other references have asserted. The headwords are listed according to the old orthography and katakana is used in the definitions where hiragana would be used today. This latter book focuses on the fifth edition, which seems to have been prepared after Yamada’s death. This dictionary covers the widest range of vocabulary and has the most in-depth definitions of any Japanese dictionary available today.

In the list of citations the same authors and titles appear frequently – in the post-Meiji period, for example, the names Natsume Souseki and Mori Ougai crop up again and again – and the list of main works consulted, published in a slim separate pamphlet, extends to a mere dozen pages.

Finding the funny examples takes time and patience. While learners of Kokugi have access to many monolingual dictionaries designed specifically to meet their needs, learners of Japanese must make do with Kokugo dictionaries, that is, monolingual dictionaries intended for native Japanese speakers.

Yamada, who died between the fourth and fifth editions, seems to have been a misogynist cynic who enjoyed eating fish many of the definitions of fish names identify the particular fish as tasty, an opinion that may not be shared by all. The Japan Forum “This is probably the best-selling and most well known of the smaller kokugo dictionaries,” kokjgo Gally”though its fame rests less on its authority than on the quirkiness of jitwn definitions.

I haven’t done a systematic check, but I have noticed that I am less annoyed by unhelpful definitions than I was with the fourth edition.

Tom Gallya Japanese translator and lexicographer, gives this evaluation:.