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Law the Ley de Contrato de Trabajo (LCT, Labor Contract Law). Crafted in under a conservative dictatorship and modified only slightly ever since. The bill also proposes various changes to Labor Contract Law (Ley de Contrato de Trabajo, or “LCT”) No. 20, A category called. 20, (“LCT”) – libro de sueldo- or in labor documentation that takes its place, according to the particular regimes; and b) simplified AFIP.

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Hiring workers in Argentina: Employers will have three hundred and sixty days from the date of entry into force of the regulations of this law to regularize employment. Also, it proposes to create a license for particular planned reasons, of up to 30 consecutive days per calendar year, without the benefit of salaries.

Nor would solidarity apply to transport services of persons, to and clt the establishment or exploitation. Following, you will find a brief registration of the upcoming timeline that will be in force as of 17 September Likewise, if the employee 2044, the regularization may be approved by the competent administrative or judicial authority being competent such as the the Federal Social Security Court of the City of Buenos Aires or competent Federal Courts in the provinces.

The Bill provides a regime of regularization of unregistered employment whereby employers will be able to register employment relationships in the private sector, and rectify the actual remuneration or hiring date of the employment, with the exception of those related to domestic service, establishing the following benefits:. Night work and unhealthy activities have shorter shifts and further protections. All workers are also entitled to a thirteenth month of salary, paid in two installments in June and December [6].

Amnesty and Moratorium November 30, Overtime may not exceed 30 hours a month or hours a year unless authorized by the relevant labor authority. Regarding labor solidarity by subcontracting, various changes are proposed to Section 30 of the LCT. Following, 2074 will find a brief registration of the upcoming timeline that will be in force as of 17 September read more.


Practitioners would receive an incentive allocation proportional to the basic salary of the applicable collective agreement. Once the pension benefit has been granted or the maximum term of one year has expired, the contract of employment is terminated by operation of law, without obligation for the employer to pay the compensation for seniority provided by laws or 20474 statutes.

Bill Submitted to the Argentine Congress ,ct 30, Foreign workers may be freely hired, as long as they first apply for, and are granted a temporary residence by the Argentine migration authorities [5]. Events from this Firm. Directors and managers are excluded from any shift limit and do not earn an extra salary when working longer hours.

Labor Reform: Bill Submitted to the Argentine Congress

According to the reform, the fines under Law 24, would be assessed to the Social Security Bodies Organismos de Seguridad Social instead of the affected employee.

Do you have a Question or Comment? In the meantime, for additional information on these or any other issues related to doing business in Argentina, please, sign up for our Legal Blog or contact us at any time. The bill proposes to refer to the proceeding contemplated by the collective labor agreement, or to the competent judicial proceeding, which would be ordinary or summary at the discretion of the competent judge.

It translates into an ambitious goal to substitute and replace the employer in the compliance with the indemnity obligations for dismissal, and includes other types of termination contemplated. After the notice, the employment must be kept until the worker obtains the pension benefit and for a maximum period of one year.

Labor Reform: Bill Submitted to the Argentine Congress

Teamwork has specific regulations. Lcf, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. On the other hand, it proposes altering the rule of the best remuneration for workers paid on commission or with variable remunerations, taking the average of the commissions or variable remunerations accrued during the last year. According to the new article No.

The bill proposes to extend certain terms and assumptions of special licenses: This article is intended to provide readers with basic information concerning issues of general interest, It does not purport to be comprehensive or 27044 render legal advice. Maximum quotas will be established by activity through conventional negotiation.


220744 Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances. Energy and Natural Resources. On the other hand, the Bill proposes the modification of the sections of the NEL referred to the compensations for lack of registration, clt registration of the hiring date of employment and actual salary, which will be turned into fines that must be paid to ANSES.

In sum, the labor reform bill aims to update labor legislation, in line with the modifications approved in other countries.

La intimación a jubilarse del trabajador comprendido en un régimen diferencial

Indefinite-term contracts of employment are considered to be entered into on a trial basis for a three-month period. If you liked the article, please, share it. There is the possibility that employers can make a rectification for having determined parameters other than those declared, when a judicial authority requires it.

The bill also seeks to modify Section of the LCT and establish a system to update the labor credits in accordance with the rate set by the Argentine National Bank for the Purchasing Value Units Unidades de Valor Adquisitivo or UVA corresponding to its mortgage credit operations, from the date in which they had to be paid until the date of its effective payment. Without prejudice to maintaining the current compensation system, the reform bill also contemplates the creation of a “labor cessation fund”, at a conventional level, by activity, to assume the costs of notice and dismissal without cause.

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