Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. 6 likes. Book. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Privacy · Terms. About. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Book. 6 people. Le vie dei canti (Biblioteca Adelphi) by Bruce Chatwin at – ISBN “La domanda cui cercherò di rispondere è la seguente: Perché gli uomini. , Italian, Book edition: Le vie dei canti / Bruce Chatwin ; traduzione di Traumpfade: the songlines: Roman / Bruce Chatwin ; aus dem Englischen von.

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Read the short, second italicised section, the joyful account of ringing the island to announce the decision. And there’s plenty of room deei analyze Chatwin’s own positions and relationships to his subjects; as sympathetic and open as he portrays himself in chhatwin form to the “other”, he is white and from the empire center, and so there’s room to question his framing and way of seeing.

Zeppo di spunti per riflettere sulla nostra vita, impossibili da cogliere tutti alla prima lettura, e quindi da riprendere in vei spesso e volentieri, e sarebbe bellissimo che ne esistesse una versione con pagine bianche di tanto in tanto, per aggiungere le proprie scoperte a quelle dell’autore. As co-conspirators in his fiction we partake in the deception of ourselves.

The Songlines

The people could find their way unerringly across vast territories simply by “singing” the ancient stories of the Dreamtime creatures. Is it cheating to back up your own observations with someone elses? He also related the travelling expressed in The Songlines to his own travels and the long nomadic past of humans. We do not often ask these questions today for we commonly assume that living in a house is normal and that the wandering life is aberrant.


The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin

Some okay descriptions of Australia but mostly made little sense even though I’m sure the format was supposed to mimic Songlines in some meta way, etc and in general, meh. Chatwin was working on a number of new ideas for future novels at the time of his death from AIDS inincluding a transcontinental epic, provisionally titled Lydia Livingstone.

There is a huge difference between bad and boring. The concept behind this book is that the Aborigines of Australia navigate their way across the landscape, over hundreds and perhaps even thousands of miles, using song.

Set in Prague, the novel details the life and death of Kaspar Utz, a man obsessed with his collection of Meissen porcelain. So, is the book worth reading? In fact, the long stretches of recreated dialogue in the book, which are rendered as it they had been recorded verbatim even though he had no means of actually doing so, make clear that the book is semi-fictional.

Bruce Chatwin is tagging along with Arkady for a short bit, to write a book about what Arkady is discovering. You’ll never glance an odd shaped rock or peculiar growth again, without conducting a epic myth in song, attempting to explain in language a landscape we are all foreign to but responsible for.

And there are even more language groups. Bruce Chatwin’s book is ostensibly an examination of the Australian Aboriginal notion of the Songline: Lists with This Book.

Not that it wasn’t a good book, it was just soooo boring!

Our narrator, Bruce, teams up cnti Arkady Volchok, a young man of Russian background who is working in the various remote, hot Aboriginal communities, where he knows and is trusted by the people and their families.

This book is so loved and well worn View all 11 comments. Language Italian View all editions Prev Next edition 5 of The whites he describes are a strange mix, representing a variety of attitudes toward the Aboriginals – sometimes greed, exasperation, and cruelty, but he mostly focuses on those who offer them nearly unconditional friendship and support.


It was so slow!

Le Vie dei Canti

There is a huge difference between bad and boring. I am getting better at putting down boring books, mainly cause I use the library and I don’t have to feel guilty about not finishing them cajti I brue invest any money in the first place.

Unfortunately he felt the need to share excerpts with us–at length–that mostly consisted of quotations from other books, what comes down to lecture notes, and vignettes from other travels. Open Preview See a Problem?

Le Vie dei Canti by Bruce Chatwin (1 star ratings)

Basically, it was about how Aboriginals in Oz follow the lines of the land that their ancestors lived through songs. Utzwas a novel about the obsession that leads people to collect. Chatwin believed all cultures had their songlines, often preserved in their myths. I read this and was utterly impressed by it when I was a teenager.

Where Chatwin is really at his best is in carefully crafted miniature stories, such as those having to do with his dealings with Aborigines artists, art cie and their clients. In aboriginal belief, an unsung land is a dead land: I had no expectations and found a clear account of Australian travels.