Not by Chance! has 59 ratings and 10 reviews. Qhlueme said: Spetner, PhD in physics and years of specialized study in organic evolution, takes the reader. The core of Dr. Lee Spetner’s chal- lenge to neo-Darwinian theory (NDT) is in chapters 4 and 5. He points out that evo- lutionists have repeatedly stressed that. Remarkably Spetner does not straightforward deny macro-evolution, he claims that.

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Darrick Dean rated it really liked it Jan 25, Spetner gives the example of R. Perhaps it was filled with spring water. He attempts to bj this strawman version of the modern synthesis with a mixture of divine creation and an idea of “non-random evolution theory” well, duh, we know it’s non-random. Scientists and scholars across the globe praise this work as one of the most serious challenges to the modern theory of evolution.

Phylogenetic trees based on different genes are known to give contradictory results. These adaptations occur just when they are needed, because they are triggered by an input from the new environment. Spetner continued to study after retirement, pursuing interests in evolution [4] and cancer cures. There are many more examples of pure nonsense, but don’t waste your time looking for them, even for a laugh.


Not by Chance!: Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution

His tone is condescending. Basically, he thinks evolution is too unlikely because most mutations only make minor changes to survival advantage. Adam Ferguson rated it liked it Aug 01, One of the worst books I have ever read on the Evolution vs Creationist debate.

On page 73 he actually claims that “one step of evolution cannot, on average, bring to the genome more than one bit of information. External links Twitter Facebook Discord. Dendrochronology Petrified forest Starlight problem Y-chromosomal Adam. Spetner is a critic of the role of mutations in the modern synthesis. Hungry for more poor scholarship?

Also it touched on the project where they are trying unsuccessfully to recreate the big bang. Text of creationist bills: They are no longer scientists, absorbing and theorizing based on all information as they are a close minded anti religious party. Oct 08, Qhlueme rated it it was amazing Shelves: Philosophical Christian rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution”. Perhaps it had no nucleolus. The new book provides some wonderful arguments that challenge common descent and neo-Darwinian explanations of evolution.

Flip to chapter 4 for the whole basis of his critique. Critics claim that he bases his views on a religious bias and not the evidence.

It was invented solely to avoid addressing the failure of phylogenetic trees to support Common Descent. Perhaps it had no vacuoles.


Not by Chance!: Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution by Lee Spetner

Retrieved from ” https: Preview — Not by Chance! Spetner’s latest book “The Evolution Revolution: Journal of Theoretical Biology. Ravic rated it did not like it Feb 08, This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Evolution has no problem on this front.

Spetner contends that a major weakness with some random-variation evolutionists is that they do not do any calculations to back up their claims. Although he mentioned the Cairn-Smith theory and the old myth of life originating in some indecipherable primeval soup, Dawkins just assumed that cumulative selection could lead to mAcroevolution. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Steve Schaper rated it really liked it Aug 31, To ask spether readers questions about Not by Chance! Each has a problem with specific aspects, mutation and complexity respectively. Proceedings 2nd International Congress on Biophysics, Vienna.