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You can find many examples on Brickshelf of what they can be used for. It too is based on a hinge and it uses two Technic steering links legl support.

LEGO Space Ice Station Odyssey (6983)

The Ice Lefo did have some more advanced vehicles for these operations, but of course, you’d have to buy those separately Meanwhile, a small construction featuring a 4×4 turntable is put on the construction placed on the lower area of the model.

I got a small set as a present from my parents first to get me into the theme, after which they got me this big one. They’re not so great with modular building, but 683 awesome for static structures.

When I was a kid, I loved this set. Nice review of a great set. Great review, as for the bonus points, they were used to get free membership’s to the Lego club, collect enough, mail them away and in a month you get your first issue.

This makes transporting it on the magnetized arm we’ll build later much easier. I’m glad that the young me didn’t throw them away or take them apart. It’s put in place over the narrow parts of the pit. I do like the launcher raising mechanism and the laser fence though, and the set is a good platform for modifications with its numerous rare and useful parts. It’s a simple model that you could easily make more of yourself, provided you own the right 683. The trans-orange top gives it that Ice Planet touch.


Ice Station Odyssey | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

It’s supposed to be a big legl, but there’s no enclosure at all! The printed bricks were and are great. Almost all the details are added directly onto the raised baseplate. Next up, the little buggy that brings back the rockets is based on a 2×8 plate. I hope I will get one someday No review of this set would really be complete without a closer look at the whole rocket leto, so as such, I present to you I’m using the deeplink for your picture of 683 Ice Babe in my photo description on Flickr, hope you don’t mind!

Also, the wheels were one of the reasons I loved the theme when I first saw them. I know a lot of people don’t like the raised baseplates, and I do concede the recent ones haven’t been so great, but I’m a huge fan of raised baseplates.

But I wasn’t able to get leggo. I remember the box having one of those nifty flaps that allows you to survey its contents before actually opening it which I wish they’d bring back – just pictures like on the latest police headquarters isn’t enough!

The back features an alternate image.

Mutinies, dangerous launch pits, rockets gone awry, snow storms, stranded vehicles I asked my dad and brother to help rebuild it but for some reason it never happened Finally, there’s some nice trans-orange accessories present as well: I always like to have more of those, in any color.

Then there’s the color scheme: The box, courtesy of Peeron.

I understand, since I’m the same way with anybody dissing my Classic Star Wars sets, but I’m glad that we can all share our views.


Very little of the final model’s overall structure is actually brick-built. Incidently, Commander Cool was Commander Bear in the UK sorry if someone else has highlighted that, haven’t read through the thread yet! Unfortunately, I only own three 6893 sets.

The plates 698 then never had this problem, though overall grip was also better across all the bricks. Launching satellites and gathering intel was their main goal, but could they do it without being hindered by the dark forces of Blacktron II and Spyrius?

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Oh yes, and I never got that bitchin’ looking Deep Freeze Defender. The satellites are based on a 4H antenna and make use of a 1×1 brick with studs on all sides. I dont remember picking it out in the levo, I dont remember building it, I just remember being so happy I was allowed to spend 60 dollars for this set.

We could never afford the bigger stuff, so thanks for 69883 great review. Ice Planet was a great space theme. I rate pego “Above average”. All mumbo-jumbo storylines aside, the Ice Planet theme was the one that got really got me into space for quite a while. For me this space station is above average. InM-Tron was on their way out and the Space Police were set to defend a third group of civilians: He also gets a shiny looking gold torso.