LEGO® Games is the world’s first collection of games that you build, play and change. With the unique buildable LEGO Dice and changeable rules, LEGO. Roll the LEGO® Dice to select one of four building categories: vehicles, buildings , nature or things. With three levels of difficulty to test your building skills, while. Games – Creationary [Lego ] Lego Creationary, Lego Instructions, Lego Sets , View LEGO instructions for Creationary set number to help you build.

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Plate instructiona System Bright Yellow Plate 1X4 System Bright Yellow Plate 2X4 System White Brick 1X4 System Brick Yellow Plate 2X2 System Bright Blue Xreationary Stud System Multicombination Plate 2X2 System Bright Red Wig Boy System Dark Brown Brick 1X2 System Bright Yellow Plate 2X6 System Cfeationary Brown Plate 1X4 System Dark Green Cross System Dark Green Plate 1X4 System White Brick 2X2 System Dark Green Brick 1X2 System Bright Red Plate 2X6 System Bright Red Brick 2X4 System Reddish Brown Final Brick 2X2 System White Cross System Bright Red Brick 2X4 Lwgo Bright Blue Plate 2X6 System Dark Green Brick 2X2 System Bright Blue Plate 4X4 System Reddish Brown Plate 2X2 System Dark Green Brick 2X4 System Brick Yellow Plate 6X8 System Dark Green Brick 1X2 System White Round Brick 1X1 System White Cross System Reddish Brown Brick 1X4 System Bright Blue Plate 2X6 System White Brick 1X2 System Dark Green Brick 1X4 System Dark Istructions Brick 1X2 System Bright Blue Brick 2X4 System Dark Green Brick 2X4 System Bright Yellow Cross System White Transparent Fluorescent Reddish Orange.


Round Plate 1X1 System Black Corner Plate 45 Deg.

Brick 1X4 System Reddish Brown Round Plate 1X1 – Tr. Plate 1X4 System Bright Red crrationary Plate 1X4 System Bright Blue Brick 2X2 System Bright Yellow Round Plate 1X1 System White Brick 2X2 System White Plate 1X4 System Reddish Brown Plate 2X4 System Bright Red Plate 2X2 System Reddish Brown Mini Upper Part “No.