An Aspiring Breslover asks: When learning pieces in Likutey Halachos associated with a lesson in Likutey Moharan that I am focusing on. Question: In honor of Reb Noson’s yahrtzeit (10 Teves), I would like to make a new start in studying Likutei Halachos. But what can I do that I. Likutei Halachos. ליקוטי הלכות חפץ חיים ג”כ סעט. Item # Our Price: $ Size: ” X “. Qty. Bedtime Stories Of Middos and Good Deeds Volume 4.

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One of the things this may suggest is that there are certain things halschos our search that nobody else can tell us but that we must figure out on our own.

It is just like in studying Gemara. Chana Siegel 3 years ago Reply. When learning pieces in Likutey Halachos associated with a lesson in Likutey Moharan that I am focusing on, which approach below likutej you recommend?: In other compilations Rebbe Nosson simply clarifies and expounds on the teachings of Likjtei Nachman.

Another point we should mention is that someone who wants to enter into a deeper understanding of Likutei Halachos should take one Halachah and learn it slowly, without any rush to finish.

Rather, the matter was turned over completely. Write A Comment Cancel Reply. The entire order of times halchos on her; everything is contingent upon her. Of course, it is recommended that anyone who can should find a study partner, someone who already has a feeling for Likutei Halachos.

This is the reason why many people stop learning Likutei Halachos. Help Support Our Work. An Aspiring Breslover asks: You guys are great in asking and presenting these ideas.

Could you explain the relationship between Likutei Halachot and Likutei Moharan? For the kingdom of evil that that waxes strong over Israel in exile only occurs because of the concept of “the subject to time” constraint, through our sins having caused a concealment of the intellect of “above time”.

And you will understand a little what the taste of Gan Eden is and you will begin to grasp that a well of pure water is flowing underneath us, and we just have to take a cup and drink. We have to start setting aside time to learn Likutei Halachos. Very quickly we can come to the conclusion that perhaps this is not for me. Copyright Gates of Emunah. This corresponds to the sin of Adam, on halschos was decreed Bereishis 2: The Sefer always belongs to each one of us, and we just have to open likutej and to study from it.


For they merited an aspect of annulment of time, meriting to raise and link time to the aspect of “above time”, where everything can be turned around for the good. If I can suggest another perspective and approach: Therefore, it’s not enough that the evil kingdom, corresponding to “subject to time”, failed to intensify through the taking of Esther to the palace of Achashveirosh.

The davening afterwards will be entirely different.

I had assumed they were completely different works, but from the questions asked above, it sounds like you are saying that Likutei Moharan is a distillation of Likutei Halachot according to specific subjects.

She merited such annulment – to the point that Achashveirosh never touched her at all, according to the Zohar Tikkun 21, page 57b. For Esther is the “G-d fearing woman” Mishle 31the representation of the sum total of all the women in the world. On the contrary, the matter was turned around from one side to the other, corresponding to the verse Koheles 8: It was specifically through Esther that the nitzotzos sparks of souls were raised from the kingdom of evil, an aspect of “subject to time”.

If I went halaachos bit deep than please contact me for more detials: And so it was that the sitra achara thought that the taking of Esther to Achashveirosh would cause everything to be drawn “under time” – being that the entire order of times depends on her — and so allow halachoss to intensify over Israel, whose entire holiness and power derives from the concept of “above time”.


Esther, however, was a very awesome and great tzedekes righteous woman. Meir Elkabas 6 years ago Reply. Specifically “on the day” – the concept of “subject to time”.

How to Learn Likutey Halachos?

Rosh Hashanah Publication. This corresponds to “It happened in the days of Achashveirosh” and the chazal that ‘whenever Scripture states “it happened in the days of” it always signifies trouble. Learn it piece by piece, li,utei try to attach the ideas together, until you know one Halachah well. For the root of all trouble and harm is “under time”, corresponding to “it happened in the days of” i.

Does a person need to be convinced to go into Gan Eden?

Likutei Halachot Part 1 |

It is also good to hear lessons and to work out ideas from Likutei Halachos with friends. These insights breathe life and vitality into our everyday actions, giving them an entirely new purpose and meaning. When learning pieces in Likutey Halachos associated with a lesson in Likutey Moharan that I am focusing on, which approach below would you recommend?:.

This beautiful work addresses many unspoken questions and uncertainties pertaining to the Halachos in one’s day to day and annual routine. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To subscribe to our weekly newsletter, please email: The time before dawn is also an opportune time for studying Likutei Halachos — to get up before davening and to learn for half an hour.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Let us be strong to make a fresh start to taste from this Gan Eden. This is an aspect of the power of the amazing and awesome miracle of Purim that occurred through the taking of Esther to Achashveirosh’s palace.

Just learn what you can.