Compre Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything de Don Tapscott, Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais. Wikinomics has ratings and reviews. O livro é um pouco datado principalmente porque foi escrito antes da crise de , se fosse escrito hoje não. Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything [Don Tapscott, Anthony D. Williams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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For my final essay, I defended James Tully’s view that the Internet reinforces imperialism and hegemony as the most convincing interpretation we had studied. Read this book and then ask your team these questions: Williamsfirst published in December My biggest concern is this book does not present a balanced picture.

Wikinomics Front cover of Wikinomics. Don TapscottAnthony D. The authors have done extremely well in expounding their main idea.

Wikinomics – Wikipedia

Still, Wikinomics is worth a read for the parts that give examples and mini-bios on many of the Internet companies that you probably not only livroo heard of, but use. Apr 06, Sebastiano Mereu rated it really liked it. Furthermore, I am not the type of person who would primarily benefit from Wikinomicsbecause I do not run companies or even work for a company.

The results of this foundational research are proprietary to the members that funded it, including over one hundred in-depth reports and countless executive briefings, seminars, and workshops. My wife works for HP, which has overThe book began wjkinomics far too many grandiose and sometimes ridiculous statements about “collaboration” and “openness” or “open systems. The beginning starts with a story of a geological company seeking diamonds to be mined. The book is essentially very positive, but drawbacks take away from it’s potentially widespread reading and influence.


If the only way a business can succeed is by what it hides from its customers and how it restricts its customers, it is doomed to failure. Guess on a Portfolio Team you don’t need no steenkin’ copy editors? Wonder when they’ll revisit Boeing again?

Little to no realization especially in the beginning of the book, but less so as lifro book continues about how important private property and profit are.

Having said all that, I give two stars instead of only one because there is some truth in his book, but he just writes too arrogantly for me.

In this regard, value comes not from distribution but from application of your products and services. In just the last few years, traditional collaboration—in a meeting room, a conference call, even a convention center— has been superseded by collaborations on an astronomical scale.


I have real respect for those people who can manage to operate at that level, but Wikinomics wikinomisc me that we are lucky we have all this stuff just waiting to be used! Billions of connected individuals can now actively participate in innovation, wealth creation, and social development in ways we once only dreamed of.

Dengan menggunakan fasilitas interne Mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi jika kita mendengar istilah: There’s a core value here a biblical one for faith-based organizations and churches: For Tapscott and Williams, wikinomics is all about reducing costs while remaining profitable in a market where consumers are increasingly connected, increasingly more well-informed about competitors’ offerings, and increasingly eager to be involved.


However, because of the changing usage patterns of Internet technologies, the cost of transactions livroo dropped so significantly that the authors assert that the market is better described by an inversion of Coase’s Law. Others see this new cornucopia of participation in the economy as a threat to their very existence has anyone bought a llivro CD lately?

About the Book

I like how he explains the sharing economy and what the stakes are. An important look into the future, Wikinomics will be your road map for doing business in the twenty-first livrro. Some of the nomanilized verbs ex. To Sell Is Human: While lawmakers try to enforce outdated copyright infringement, “piracy,” and other myopic views, a global collaboration has snowballed via the Internet.

To ask other readers questions about Wikinomicsplease sign up. They are creating TV news stories, sequencing the human genome, remixing their favorite music, designing software, finding a cure for disease, editing school texts, inventing new cosmetics, or even building motorcycles.