Los vampiros aun existen/ Vampires Still do Exist: : Konstantinos: Books. Los Vampiros Aun Existen: Konstantinos: Books – See details and download book: Free Ebook Los Vampiros Aun Existen Fb2 By Konstantinos.

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So if you want vampires to be Lestat, don’t read this because you might be disappointed.

Then take salt and walk around sprinkling bit of salt saying i purify this place with Earth. I can hardly believe this book is receiving positive reviews and is selling so well. I wanted to love this, but his prose just didn’t excite me.

I interpreted this existej some sad attempts at adding validity to what he was saying. This book was one of them, An didn’t remember any of it regardless of reading it in the past so I figured I would.

The ligght should eventually engulf in your circular area.

Textbooknova Los Vampiros Aun Existen 9788479275136 By Konstantinos Epub

It talks about blood-drinking, and the dangers of it. I have personaly met people online that are a modern day vampire specifically a psychic or sanguinarian vampire the sanguinarian vampire is also a satanist in a vampiric cult, he dabbled with occult, black magick or satanism and became a sanguinarian vampire blood drinking modern day vampire People who are like me psychic and a empath need to be careful about being around these types of people.


Happily, this book has been written in a way which acknowledges this current cultural bias towards fiction, while focusing on a great deal of ancient mythology through the eyes of a modern day occultist.

Happily, this book has been written in a way which acknowledges this current cul Not a bad read. For an example of the kind of apocryphal tosh llos reader is subjected to on page 17 Konstantinos attempts to demonstrate that the ancient Sumerians believed in Vampires, he said that because they were less technologically advanced than us they were more ‘open minded’.

I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in vampires or the occult. Exitsen physical vampires there are immortal blood drinker and there are mortal blood drinker.

It is informative and educational in the sense that it does not stick to one kind or a certain type of vampire, as konstantinls are variances. These are not creatures to woo by.

Konstantinos: Bibliography, and a List of Books by Author Konstantinos

The intentional vampire can use his eyes and has learned how to be a psychic vampire duringg his lifetime. Psychic vampire are what we need to fear the most. Oct 14, Jasun Horsley rated it did not like it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I think you’ll find that just because you write in your book that the anicent Sumerians believed in Vampires doesn’t mean they did. Jul 09, Soukyan Blackwood rated it really liked it.


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In fact it turns konsgantinos you might want to invite him around for tea afterall. Do yourself a favor and skip this one as the amount of magical thinking in the pages has This was quite possibly the most ridiculous load of Kondtantinos. Next take the element of water mark the perimeter by sprinkling drops of water on the floor. The author, known only as ‘Konstantinos’ most likely real name; Nigel attempts to convince the reader that Vampires really exist Sep 26, Andrew rated it did not like it Shelves: Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot.

Vajpiros think that this book could have been wrote better and the constant references throughout regarding see end of chapter, see chapter 10 etc was quite irritating.

Nov 29, Josh Cummins rated it really liked it.

Next you see a globe of glowing light. February 1, – February 2, I found this book to be much like others about vampires, which I have read in the past. Not a bad read. You will be enveloped in thee light. I truly enjoyed this part of the book and learned some things about vampires I didn’t know before.