Lundell generator (alternator). Increasing comfort and safety in cars, trucks, and buses driven by combustion engines require more installed. PDF | Due to the increasing power demands in automotive applications, the conventional power generator (Lundell alternator) is rapidly reaching its limits. Abstract—Thermal analysis of Lundell alternators used in automobiles is presented. An analytical thermal model for Lun- dell alternators is proposed, and .

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Some alternators will self-excite when the engine reaches a certain speed. With this demagnetisation effect the magnetic losses become proportional to speed itself rather than the square of speed as expected in no-load conditions.

The excitation circuit is disconnected when the ICE is shut down, to save in battery life and in fuel consumption. The rectifier control is thus extremely simple and no position sensing is required.

The output power is controlled by regulating the field current. No output power is required below the idle speed.

Reduced Lundell (claw-pole) alternator with an external voltage regulator – Simulink

Alternators Electrical generators Automotive charging circuits. Once the engine is running and the alternator is generating power, a diode feeds the field current from the alternator main output equalizing the voltage across the warning indicator which goes off. The stator has often a single slot per pole and per phase 36 total slots.


Coulomb friction, Kc — Friction scalar.

In recent years, [ when? This section focuses on various possible solutions to increase the output power of Lundell alternators without any geometry modification. Efficiency reduces dramatically at high speeds mainly due to fan resistance. The mechanical losses increase considerably at higher speeds Bosch, Semiconductor parts count and qlternator current ratings for each topology.

Electrical modeling of the Lundell alternator with an equivalent circuit 3. This will also add to magnetic losses at very low speeds and low loads where the flux density in the air-gap generated mainly by excitation field is modulated by the stator slot openings.

Every car has it – The Lundell generator with claw-pole rotor

Conversely, a nonlinear field model could be used. To provide direct current with low ripplea polyphase winding is used and the pole-pieces of the rotor are shaped claw-pole.

This leads to better performance over the whole speed range. The casing has distinctive radial vent slots at each end and now encloses the fan. In fact, the controlled rectifier is essentially used at idle speed. However, the active silicon area remains the same and distribution of switching power can eventually even be advantageous.

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Built by scientists, for scientists. Comparative analysis of simulation and experimental results from manufacturer of the alternator output characteristics. Based on your location, we recommend that you select: Modern designs do away with the voltage regulator altogether; voltage regulation is now a function of the engine control unit ECU. Our llundell spans scientists, professors, researchers, librarians, and students, as well as business professionals.

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The rectifier has been taken out from the machine and the voltage regulator has been removed so that the excitation current could be imposed using an external current source. The regulator-excitation circuit is often supplied by an additional half- bridge rectifier instead of the battery Exciter rectifier. With the availability of affordable silicon diode rectifiers, alternators were used instead. Note that none of the topologies regains the original idle power.

Field winding inductance, Lf — Inductance scalar. The stator cyclic inductance L j rotor is derived from both tests by applying Eq. Determination of parameters for rewound and multi-winding alternators The winding scheme of a reconfigured alternator compared to the original one Delcotron 22SI Type 12VA is depicted in Fig.