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I had really high hopes for the 20th Anniversary edition of Mage the Tue. I got a kick out of PC mages in my games clre other supernaturals who functioned according to rules they could understand, with some study. Mage was, and is, the game line that lets you peel back the curtain on the World of Darkness and not only learn about its inner workings, but have an impact on what the WoD is and what it means.

Running the Revised, essentially 3rd edition of Mage the Ascension always required pages of house rules. Reevised is honestly true of World of Darkness games in general, at least in my experience, but Mage is definitely a game that drifted a lot as we played it for about a five-year span from when it was released until reviised we in this case being my college gaming group.


But Mage begged for this kind of drift, I think, with a flexible magic system that was, at best, evocative but ill-defined.

The 20th Anniversary edition of Mage clocks in at well over pages, or twice as long as Revised. How Do You Do That, in particular, is a hot mess. For some reason telekinesis requires dots in Mind, and periodically magical effects arbitrarily require the expenditure of Willpower because…they seem hard. As if enlightened magick was not, as a rule, hard.

I like some of the updating for the setting that M20 provides, though that is hardly worth the price of the book or the time spent reading it. For some players, the grim reality of Revised was too much, and with a more multicultural viewpoint the Ascension War seems far less over than it did in White Wolf always had a problem with representing non-Western cultures well in their books, and Revised was no exception, fascilating between some real research into Hinduism on the one hand and on the other the hi-ya antics of the orientalist Akashic Brotherhood.

The truth is, thought, that M20 rulebooj simply not worth the price of admission.

List of Mage: The Ascension books – Wikipedia

In stark contrast to the overall success of Changeling 20th Anniversary, M20 adds to the noise and the mess rather than refining and clarifying. If you are a Mage the Ascension fan, I think you can stick to Revised and just update the setting as you like. Like Liked by 1 person. If anything, it is kind of a summary of Mage 3rd edition, without the hard work that would be required to bring the various sub-systems in line with one another.


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Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition

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