15 U.S. Code Chapter 50 – CONSUMER PRODUCT WARRANTIES conspicuous disclosure of terms and conditions; addition to or in lieu of written warranty. To protect consumers, federal legislators passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (Act) in Warranties are promises by sellers that the. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act a federal law that governs consumer product warranties. Passed by Congress in , the Act requires manufacturers and.

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Kingston strongly supports customer choice and believes that consumers – whether end user, reseller, or systems integrator – should be free to purchase compatible memory modules without being subject to threats and misinformation.

What magnsuon-moss I have an existing service contract with a system OEM but I want to purchase Kingston server memory to upgrade my servers? Disclaimers and Modifications The Act does not apply to products sold for commercial purposes or for re-sale.

Generally, tie-in sales provisions are not allowed. The following section of this manual summarizes what the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act requires warrantors to do, what it prohibits them from doing, and how it affects warranty disputes. There are 3 basic requirements:.

Mgnuson-moss, the server manufacturer cannot state that the system warranty is void if other “brands” of peripherals are used. Companies and individuals that violate the antitrust laws are subject to a wide range of sanctions, including having triple damages imposed against them.

This means that no matter how broad or narrow your written warranty is, your customers always will receive the basic protection of the implied warranty of merchantability.

Magnuson Moss Warranty Act Law and Legal Definition

You cannot offer a warranty that appears to provide coverage but, in fact, provides none. Tie-In Sales not Permitted Tie-in sale provisions are not permitted. The act is meant to provide consumers with access ot reasonable and effective remedies where there is a breach of warranty on a consumer product.


Disclaimer or Modification of Implied Warranties The Act prohibits anyone who magnuuson-moss a written warranty from disclaiming or modifying implied warranties. By using the site, you are consenting to this. Consumer products are not required to have warranties, but if one is given, it must comply with the Magnuson-Moss Act. If the jurisdictional amount, or number of plaintiffsdoes not meet these magnuson-mods, an action under the act may be brought only in state court.

The following are examples of prohibited tie-in sales provisions. However, once a business decides to offer a written warranty on a consumer product, it must comply with the Act. Kingston modules are designed to meet the specific requirements of the system or class of systems into which the magnuson-joss will be installed.

By assuring that consumers can get warranty information, the Act encourages sales promotion on the basis of warranty coverage and competition among companies to meet consumer preferences through various levels of warranty coverage. Further, Congress wanted all parties to have a quicker and less costly method of resolving disputes and to allow consumers an easier path to a remedy for breach of warranty lawsuits in the courts.

Briefly, the Rule requires that a mechanism must:. The federal minimum standards for full warranties are waived if the warrantor can show that the problem associated with a warranted consumer product was caused by damage while in the possession of the consumer, or by unreasonable use, including a failure to provide reasonable and waarranty maintenance.

Designed to protect data that requires airtight security, these drives help you meet specific agency directives like TAA and FIPS compliance and are ideal for Government or Corporate use.



15 U.S. Code Chapter 50 – CONSUMER PRODUCT WARRANTIES | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Gather, investigate, and organize all information necessary to decide each dispute fairly and quickly. Enacted inthe federal statute governs warranties on consumer products. However, if your warranty covers both the parts provided for a repair and the workmanship in making that repair, the Act does apply to you.

You can install the memory yourself, or since the OEM is the service provider and might not install our memory into the servers we can dispatch an Alphaserv.

For further discussion on warranty issues, you may be interested in earlier articles on this subject. First, the Act makes it easier for consumers to take an unresolved warranty problem to court.

But, regardless of whether you warrant the products you sell, as a seller, you must give your customers copies of any written warranties from product manufacturers.


While necessary maintenance or repairs on your AudioMundo Stereo System can be performed by any company, we recommend that you use only authorized AudioMundo dealers.

As a warrantor, you must designate, or title, your written warranty as either “full” or “limited”. From everyday use to professional photo or video, these cards deliver exceptional speeds, huge capacities and legendary Kingston reliability.

Finally, consumers may seek redress in the courts for alleged violations of the Magnuson—Moss Act.