Mancala Instructions. For 2 Players. Ages 6 to Adult. CONTENTS. Folding Wood Gameboard, 48 Colored Stones, Cloth Drawstring bag. OBJECT. Have the most. Mancala or Oware Rules. African and Asian classic board game – comprehensive instructions for friendly play from Masters Traditional Games. Mancala Game Rules. 7. If the last stone you drop is in an empty hole on your side, you can remove. (capture) that stone and any stones in the hole directly.

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Ideas for High School Pranks.

How to play MANCALA (with Video) | UltraBoardGames

instrucctions Things to Do When You are Alone. This score one point and enables you an additional turn. Fun Activities for Adults.

The game was over when a player had no more stones on their side of the board. Mancala is an interesting example to introduce children to globalization and the spread of culture. As soon as all the six pits on one side of the board have been emptied, the game ends.

A very quick and easy-to-play game, Mancala is great when traveling or camping. Or with chalk and pebbles outside.


Mancala in the Classroom

During Beta Testing it was playable in the Coffee Shop. How Do You Play Spades? Here are some ideas for introducing this amazing game to your students. Alycia’s Most Recent Posts.

Nokia launched an electronic version of Mancala, called ‘Bantumi’, on its handsets. After you do dropped all your stones and capture any stones, your turn is over.

The winner was the player with the greatest total number of stones in their mancala and any remaining stones on their side of the board.

The Mancala board in the Instructilns. The company sold million units of the phone, making Bantumi the most popular and bestselling version of the game. Retrieved from ” http: Memory Games for Children. By dropping the green stone into the empty pit, you will capture the two stones red and blue on the other side of the board. Mancala has been played around the world for over a thousand years for a good reason.

A second turn is allowed when it falls into the Kalah. The winner mancalw determined by counting stones in the Mancalas. You need a total of 48 game pieces or stones.

You can, however place stones in your opponents non-Mancala cups. Place four stones in each of the smaller cups, but not in the Mancalas,on both sides of the game board. Quick Team Building Activities. Host an academic dress-up event with a Vocabulary Parade!


Check out these behind-the-scenes tricks that keep science lessons low-cost, low-mess, and low-stress. There are many online options; I like this uncluttered version that lets you select the difficulty level for your computerized opponent.

Insrructions their turn, each player had to select a group of stones from one hole on their side of the manccala. The game’s history can be traced back to about 6th century A. Simple Card Tricks That are Oh-so-easy. Players sit opposite to each other with the game board in between. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

For example, a child could see three seeds in a mancala pit and recognize the three seeds without counting them individually.

Then we play again, my class against me.